VCDR 20 Roof & Gutter Electric Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

Heating Cable for Frost Protection From Snow and Ice in Gutters, Downpipes, Roofs and Roof troughs.


ELEKTRA VCDR 20 electric heating cables come with pre-assembled heating components that meet the EN 60335-2-83 standards. VCDR is a 20W/m UV resistant heating cable of several lengths and it is factory attached to a unique cold tail cord. The major application of ELEKTRA VCDR 20 is to protect gutters, downpipes, roofs and roof troughs. from snow and ice. VCDR Heating Cables are available in lengths ranging from 9 to 175 meters.

ELEKTRA VCRD 20 Specifications

  • The heating cables are produced in ready-made units of the lengths from 9.5 up to 175 m,
  • The cables are terminated at one end with a 4 m-long power supply conductor, and a connecting joint at the other,
  • Specific heat output for VCDR cables is 20 W/m,
  • Power supply voltage is 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
  • External dimensions is ≈ 5 x 7 mm,
  • Min. installation temperature is -5°C,
  • Min. cable bending radius is 3.5 D,
  • Heating cables are screened, and their main connection via a residual current device constitutes effective anti-shock protection,
  • Heating cables and power supply conductors’ sheaths are UV resistant.

Installation of Electric Heating Cable On Roof and Inside Gutter

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