Thermon HT Hopper-Heating-Module

Self-contained Industrial Heating Solution


The Thermon HT-Hopper-Heating-Module is a robust, self-contained heating solution engineered for reliable operation on surfaces prone to vibration. With a design focused on performance and durability, this high-performance heater is capable of providing heat outputs of up to 3 watts per square inch (4,650 watts per square meter), tailored to suit specific application requirements. The HT module ensures even heat distribution across the entire panel surface, guaranteeing optimal performance in diverse settings.

Powered by a parallel circuit design featuring a stamped high-temperature INCONEL® heating element, the HT heating module offers multiple flow paths for electrical current, eliminating the risk of burnout common in series wire-based designs. To safeguard the heating element from vibration, a cushion layer of insulation is incorporated, directing heat flow from the module to the heated surface.

Constructed with rugged 20-gauge aluminized steel, the module provides mechanical protection during handling, installation, and operation. Resistant to weld splatter, rust, and oil, the heater’s integrity and performance remain unaffected. Its low-profile design facilitates rapid and trouble-free installation, with template and mounting kits available from Thermon.

Approved for use in both ordinary (nonclassified) and hazardous (classified) areas, the HT hopper heating module ensures dependable heating performance in a wide range of industrial environments.

Thermon HT Hopper-Heating-Module Specifications

Maximum watt density 3 w/in2 (4,650 w/m2)
Supply voltages 120-600 Vac
Max. maintenance temperature 800°F (427°C)
Max. continuous exposure temperature
Power-off 1,000°F (538°C)
Minimum installation temperature -40°F (-40°C)

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