Samm Teknoloji’s Promotional Video

Our company, Samm Teknoloji, invites you to watch our promotional video. The brand of Samm Teknoloji is an exemplary and pioneering brand in the industry, and we achieved that by reducing the dependency on imported products and adopting the idea of all-domestic production.


The Foundation

As Samm Teknoloji, we offer products and solutions minding two questions “What does a customer want? and what does a customer really need?”. Samm Teknoloji aims at the highest level of competence of all its employees in the workflow, and as a result, customer satisfaction is efficiently achieved. Samm Teknoloji is a Turkish company, founded in 2003, by 4 engineering friends who believe that the engineers and technicians of this country can create world-class values. Since being registered as an R&D Center in 2018, Samm Teknoloji has developed multiple projects in various fields, including fiber detection technologies, all by cooperating with many research institutions and universities. Eventually, the outputs of these projects has been transformed into commercial products.

Fundamental Achievements

Samm Teknoloji is among the first Turkish companies to specialize in interconnection passive equipment in the telecommunication sector, known as “Connectivity Solutions”. It is also the approved supplier of the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), whose headquarters are located in Switzerland. Our company’s name has become an exemplary and pioneering brand in the sector, providing cost and time advantages in various projects, and also adopting the new movement of domestic production.

Samm Teknoloji is one of the companies that completed most of the work on data centers in Turkey. It works with all mobile and landline telecommunication operators, as well as corporate data centers, system integrators, public institutions and public organizations. Samm Teknoloji, which is the main distributor of Raspberry Pi in Turkey and other different development cards and robotics products, offers online sales and engineering services of electronic product groups for education and R&D. In addition, with the sense of responsibility for being a main Industry 4.0 and robotics products and services provider, Samm Teknoloji continues to deliver its informatics products to any point within Turkey.


As a result of the cooperation agreement signed with TÜBİTAK Bilgem in 2019, a fiber optic-based distributed acoustic detection system (FOTAS) was developed and commercialized by the Samm Teknoloji R&D center. FOTAS is a system that detects acoustic signals formed around a fiber optic cable. It classifies these signals with the help of a developed artificial intelligence software and gives an alarm to the end user.

The main usage areas of FOTAS are monitoring of oil and natural gas pipelines, environmental security, monitoring of telecom and electrical infrastructures and smart city applications.In addition, Samm Teknoloji continues its R&D studies on fiber optic-based distributed temperature and voltage sensing, also known as FBG-based single fiber sensors.Regarding the heating and heat tracing sector, Samm Teknoloji has signed for the application of many electrical heating projects since 2006, especially in the industrial and commercial areas.

As Samm Teknoloji, we continue to expand our fields of activities with our creative, experienced and dynamic staff.