Our Affiliates

SAMM Teknoloji is always seeking to expand its work efforts onto third-party affiliates and to establish new subsidiary enterprises in order to prioritize the growth of our services and client base. Sharing our progress toward our ambitions with our affiliates allows us to focus more on the quality of our solutions and the satisfaction of our resellers and customers. SAMM Teknoloji will continue to grow and spread its challenges to new partners, as well as aims for possible future opportunities.

Kocaeli Defence Industry and Trade Inc.

The Kocaeli Defense Industry and Trade Inc. (Kocaeli Savunma Sanayi) company was established on March 28th 2019, with the goal of developing the Turkish defense industry as a whole and bringing it up to production and technological maturity standards. Kocaeli Savunma Sanayi aims to integrate with the world’s current defense, aviation, and space sectors, as well as to ensure the localization of defense, aviation, and space tool and equipment development. In other word, technologies and systems of Kocaeli Savunma Sanayi are originally designed and manufactured in the Turkey yet they are meant to reach worldwide markets.

SAMM GmbH, Düsseldorf

As SAMM Teknoloji aims to extend its corporate operations into new regions, SAMM GmbH was established as an associate company in Düsseldorf-Germany. Being in the center of Europe, SAMM GmbH presented a new opportunity to build brand awareness within European countries. Nonetheless, most of the telecommunication solutions and products, provided by SAMM, are compliant with European safety standards and product certifications.