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Samm Market for IoT Boards and Accessories

In the rapidly evolving landscape of informatics and robotics, SAMM Teknoloji has emerged as a pivotal player, driving innovation and technological advancement in Türkiye and beyond. Since its inception in 2011 with the introduction of smart projection devices, SAMM Teknoloji has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence, solidifying its position as Türkiye’s leading distributor of cutting-edge electronic products, development cards, and robotic solutions. SAMM Teknoloji’s significant contributions to the informatics and robotics market, highlights its journey from pioneering smart projection devices to becoming a key player in the Industry 4.0 era.

Smart Projection Devices was A Technological Breakthrough

SAMM Teknoloji’s journey in the field of informatics commenced in 2011 with the creation of smart projection devices. These devices, characterized by their strong technological foundation, represented a groundbreaking achievement in interactive technology. One notable example was a wall projector operated with a special pen, captivating audiences and revolutionizing the way information was displayed and communicated. The resounding success of these gadgets, evident from the sale of 10,000 units, underscored SAMM Teknoloji’s prowess in marrying innovation with practicality.

Diverse Product Portfolio and Educational Support

Over the years, SAMM Teknoloji has expanded its horizons to become Türkiye’s foremost distributor of a wide range of electronic product groups. As the main Turkish distributor for industry giants like Arduino, SparkFun, Adafruit, and Seeed, SAMM Teknoloji brings world-class technology within reach of Turkish consumers. The company’s collaboration with these industry leaders reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality products that fuel innovation in fields such as robotics, IoT, and electronics.

SAMM Teknoloji’s involvement extends beyond product distribution. The company plays a vital role in education and research by providing electronic product groups for learning and development. With a focus on supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives, SAMM Teknoloji offers corporate support and engineering services, contributing to the growth of businesses and industries through cutting-edge technological solutions.

Global Reach and E-Commerce Excellence

In an increasingly interconnected world, SAMM Teknoloji has leveraged technology to expand its impact beyond national borders. The company’s e-commerce platform serves as a gateway to thousands of electronic products, offering seamless online transactions and same-day freight delivery not only across Türkiye but also worldwide. This global outreach reinforces SAMM Teknoloji’s commitment to making advanced technology accessible to a diverse clientele, fostering cross-border collaborations and driving international innovation.

Collaborations and Industry Partnerships

SAMM Teknoloji’s influence extends beyond its role as a distributor. The company actively engages in partnerships and collaborations with various enterprises, both independently and cooperatively. By fostering a network of likeminded innovators, SAMM Teknoloji contributes to the growth of the informatics and robotics ecosystem, propelling technological advancement and economic development.

In conclusion, SAMM Teknoloji has emerged as a trailblazer in the informatics and robotics market, driven by its commitment to technological excellence, innovation, and accessibility. From its pioneering smart projection devices to its role as a leading distributor of electronic product groups and robotics solutions, SAMM Teknoloji has played a pivotal role in shaping Türkiye’s journey towards Industry 4.0. As the company continues to expand its global reach, collaborate with industry leaders, and empower the next generation of innovators, its impact on the informatics and robotics landscape remains profound and far-reaching.


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