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Integrated Management System Policy

On the path guided by our vision of being the most preferred brand in the national and international telecommunications market;

We commit to providing all resources for the realization of the following elements that will contribute to our employees, business partners, and our country, aiming for continuous improvement and development:

  • Conducting our work in accordance with laws, regulations, and international standards.
  • Upholding product and service quality within the framework of productivity and continuous improvement without compromising, regulating activities for the fulfillment of applicable conditions.
  • Prioritizing the satisfaction of our employees, the key building blocks of our provided services and Integrated Management System, and engaging in training activities that support personal development, encouraging their contribution with experience and imagination.
  • Supporting consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives.
  • Demonstrating a governance approach that ensures sustainable customer satisfaction with innovative services and technologies.
  • Maintaining transparency towards our stakeholders in our practices.
  • Establishing benefit-oriented relationships with our suppliers and ensuring the sustainability of these relationships in the light of customer, employee, and supplier satisfaction.
  • Operating as an environmentally conscious company by working to prevent environmental pollution and directing our employees towards this goal.
  • Respecting human rights and occupational health and safety as a company; eliminating hazards, reducing OHS risks, and engaging in activities to prevent occupational diseases.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the integrated management system, identifying risks and opportunities for achieving improved outcomes, and proactively managing positive/negative impacts.

These principles will be made public and open for public opinion.

Information Security Management System Policy

1. Purpose

This policy is prepared to delineate the framework of information security conditions that employees within the institution and other relevant parties must comply with, aiming to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information assets used at SAMM Teknoloji by authorized personnel only.

2. Scope

This policy encompasses all information systems, information resources, physical information assets, IT networks and infrastructure, application software, database systems, all information processing platforms and processes, as well as all stakeholders including personnel and suppliers involved in the service delivery process at SAMM Teknoloji. It covers the requirements to establish, implement,monitor, review, maintain, and improve a documented ISMS (Information Security ManagementSystem) within the context of all business risks of the institution.

3. Definitions and Abbreviations

Information Security: All measures taken to ensure the safe and reliable use of information and information processing facilities, preservation of integrity and confidentiality, and the detection of unauthorized access to information if it occurs.

Information Security Management System (ISMS): A systematic, rule-based, planned, manageable, sustainable, documented set of activities adopted by the institution’s management and based on international security standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information.

4. Information Security Organization

4.1. An ISMS Board has been established to serve as the highest decision-making body for information security and cyber incident-related matters throughout SAMM Technology, follow up on information security-related activities, and undertake necessary work.

4.2. Specific individuals working at SAMM Technology have been appointed as ISMS Board Representatives to coordinate ISMS Sub-Committee activities and chair committee meetings.

4.3. Relevant personnel within the Information Technology Department have been designated to fulfill the tasks specified in the handbook and Applicability Statement and carry out necessary work in coordination with all departments within SAMM Teknoloji.

4.4. Personnel have been assigned as members of the ISMS Board to provide necessary support in the areas of human resources for information security, physical and environmental security, legal affairs, and information systems, representing relevant units.

5. Policy

Our primary objective is to manage identified risks accurately by implementing risk management to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information. In line with this objective:

• Protecting against unauthorized access that could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of information
• Safeguarding information assets against any potential threats, internal or external
• Ensuring accessibility to information through defined permissions and business processes
• Adhering to legal requirements and agreements related to information security with our stakeholders
• Maintaining and improving our business continuity
• Conducting awareness programs to enhance information security awareness
• Effectively maintaining internal and external communication within the scope of information security
• Ensuring the continuity of the risk management system
• Committing to continuously improve by achieving the objectives and goals of the information security management system

Sustainable Green Environment Policy

As the SAMM Technology family, we work with an awareness of our responsibility to create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations through environmental sustainability and to protect natural resources in the long term.

It is our company’s policy to operate socially and environmentally ethical and responsible activities aimed at sustainability on micro and macro scales for our planet. We continuously strive to strengthen our environmental vision and “green” mindset by highlighting creative and innovative solutions for environmental practices and policies.

In this context, all systematic efforts, principles adopted, and goals set by us, whether on an individual, corporate, national, or international scale, to protect our environment can be evaluated under the title of environmental sustainability.

The Green Environment Rules have been created in line with our Environmental Policy principles to facilitate understanding among all employees and dissemination among them.

The foundational principles of this policy include the following:

  • Preserving and respecting air, soil, and water.
  • Protecting animal and plant species.
  • Minimizing waste production; reusing, recycling, and consciously disposing of waste.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions resulting from production and services.
  • Aiming to use pollution control technology at the highest possible level.
  • Respecting cultural, geological, historical, archaeological, and/or paleontological areas.
  • Maintaining an open communication process. Showing respect towards neighbours and stakeholders.
  • Reducing the use of unprocessed raw materials as much as possible. Maximizing the efficient and conscious use of resources.
  • Continuously improving and enhancing sustainability practices by reviewing all stages
    of our activities.
  • Transparently sharing Sustainable Green Environment Policy practices with stakeholders.

 SAMM Teknoloji Sustainability Policy

Sustainability constitutes the essence of the corporate culture and values of SAMM Teknoloji.

We have dedicated ourselves to excellence in every task we undertake. With a passionate team of experts, we aim to grow through our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services while being dedicated to environmentally conscious production.ç

To ensure the healthy continuity of human existence on a sustainable planet, we understand that collective effort is necessary. Therefore, in all our activities, we evaluate, make decisions, and manage the process of value creation economically, environmentally, and socially, recognizing the need for collaboration in all these dimensions.

We utilize our production and service capabilities to bring value to our planet, environment, economy, society, business partners, and employees. Our sustainability strategy is firmly based on these principles.

Our Sustainability Principles

At SAMM Teknoloji, we embrace the following principles regarding sustainability:

  • Continuously improving and ensuring the sustainability of sustainability practices within the framework of corporate activities preferred by the vision and stakeholders.
  • Reducing natural resource consumption and ensuring the consumption of recyclable materials to preserve ecological balance.
  • Contributing to the protection of nature and the environment by investing in renewable and clean energy.
  • Contributing to the conservation of natural resources by using energy efficiently and effectively.
  • Providing education to staff for environmental protection.
  • Creating an open communication environment by encouraging active participation from employees.
  • Establishing a modern work environment where human rights are respected, social justice and labor rights are continuously enhanced, thereby increasing awareness and diversity among stakeholders.
  • Embracing a principle that emphasizes fair sharing of values created and accumulated with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Maintaining a customer-centric approach by considering customers as the reason for existence.
  • Meeting societal demands in production processes by increasing company performance and production efficiency.
  • Continuously improving all processes by effectively managing risks.
  • Embracing corporate governance principles as part of the company culture, including ethical values and the fight against corruption.
  • Strictly opposing bribery and corruption, considering anti-corruption and anti-bribery as fundamental responsibilities, and reviewing our processes in accordance with these principles.










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