VIAVI Turkey distributor provides the best Fiber Optic test and measurement solutions like: OTDR devices, fiber optic microscopes, visual Fault locators, optical light sources, Adapters, handheld and industrial fiber optic test devices.

Huber+Suhner, as a prime example of cutting-edge technology in the connectivity industry, has chosen SAMM Teknoloji as the trusted distributor bringing their exceptional solutions to the Turkish market. Also SAMM is the only company making production with Huber Suhner quality after the agreement between them in 2006.

Raspberry Pi stands as a remarkable embodiment of compact computing innovation, and in Turkey, its transformative potential is made accessible to all through the dedicated distribution efforts of SAMM Teknoloji, the trusted distributor of Raspberry Pi products.

Elevate your fiber optic connections with the unmatched quality of Fusion Splicers from FITEL, presented as a brand of Furukawa Electronics. These cutting-edge splicers embody precision and reliability, ensuring seamless and enduring signal integrity. With Furukawa’s legacy of excellence, FITEL Fusion Splicers stand as a testament to innovation and a commitment to the highest standards of connectivity technology.

Raychem is the forefront innovator in advanced heat tracing solutions. With a commitment to excellence, Raychem products find their way to Turkey through the dedicated distribution efforts of SAMM Teknoloji, Turkey Distributor. This partnership brings unparalleled expertise and top-notch technology to cater to a wide range of industrial requirements.

Introducing Isopad, the vanguard of cutting-edge heating solutions. With a legacy of innovation, Isopad redefines heat management, catering to a diverse range of industrial needs with unmatched precision and reliability such as silicone heaters, heating jackets, hoses and drums and radiant heaters.

Step into the future of advanced thermal technologies with Thermon, a trailblazing name in the industry. Pioneering innovation and unwavering quality, Thermon offers a comprehensive range of heating solutions that set new standards for efficiency and performance. In Turkey, this excellence is seamlessly delivered through the dedicated distribution of SAMM Teknoloji, solidifying their role as the trusted distributor of Thermon products, bringing state-of-the-art heat management solutions to your doorstep.

ELEKTRA specializes in electric heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Established in 1985, the company is currently the largest and most reputable producer of underfloor heating and frost, snow and ice protection systems in Central Europe. From the beginning product quality has been the first priority for the company. This is the only way to satisfy all customers and achieve and maintain leadership in the market.

Zaxe, a pioneering 3D printing company, stands out for its revolutionary approach to manufacturing, reshaping industries with its advanced technologies and unmatched dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The company offers a wide range of 3D printers and solutions that cater to various sectors, from education to industrial production, making it a trailblazer in the realm of additive manufacturing.

Waveshare, a true leader in the electronics industry, captivates enthusiasts and professionals alike with its exceptional range of cutting-edge display solutions, development tools, and accessories, redefining the way we interact with technology. Since 2017, SAMM Teknoloji has been the exclusive distributor of Waveshare products in Turkey, ensuring that innovation is seamlessly delivered to the Turkish market.

The specialty of CAMDENBOSS is designing and manufacturing cost effective Electro-Mechanical components, enclosures, electronic housings, and 19″ cabinet solutions.

Kitronik is a leading provider of electronic kits and accessories that empower students and hobbyists to explore the world of electronics and coding. Established with a commitment to fostering STEM education, Kitronik has consistently delivered high-quality products designed to enhance hands-on learning experiences. Since 2018, their expansion into the Turkish market has been facilitated by their distributor, Samm Teknoloji, ensuring that Turkey’s electronics enthusiasts have easy access to Kitronik’s innovative offerings.

Adafruit, a beacon of innovation in electronics and DIY projects, empowers creators worldwide with its comprehensive range of open-source hardware and electronics. Since 2021, Samm Teknoloji has been the official distributor for Adafruit in Turkey, bridging the gap between Adafruit’s offerings and the Turkish maker community. This partnership has enabled local enthusiasts to access a diverse array of components, development boards, and resources, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

Arduino, a pinnacle in the world of open-source microcontroller platforms and with its user-friendly environment and versatile hardware, Arduino empowers both beginners and experts to bring their electronic visions to life. In 2023, the partnership between Arduino and Samm Teknoloji as the official distributor for Turkey further cements the accessibility of Arduino’s products in the region. This collaboration opens the doors for Turkish makers, students, and engineers to seamlessly access Arduino’s range of boards, shields, and components, catalyzing a new wave of creative innovation.

With its user-friendly interface and interactive capabilities, Micro:bit introduces students and beginners to the world of programming and hardware tinkering. Since 2018, Samm Teknoloji has been the dedicated distributor of Micro:bit products in Turkey, ensuring that young minds and educators across the nation have easy access to this transformative tool. Through this partnership, Samm Teknoloji has catalyzed the integration of Micro:bit into Turkey’s educational framework, equipping the next generation with essential digital skills and sparking innovative thinking.

SparkFun Electronics, a trailblazer in the world of open-source hardware, fuels the creativity of makers and engineers with its diverse range of components, kits, and resources. Since 2021, Samm Teknoloji has taken on the pivotal role of being the official distributor of SparkFun products in Turkey. This partnership amplifies the accessibility of SparkFun’s offerings, empowering Turkish creators to seamlessly access cutting-edge tools for their projects.

Arducam, a leading name in the realm of camera solutions and imaging modules, empowers creators to integrate high-quality visuals into their projects with ease. As of 2023, Samm Teknoloji proudly holds the position of the official distributor of Arducam products in Turkey. This collaboration ensures that Turkish makers, photographers, and innovators have convenient access to Arducam’s innovative camera modules, lenses, and accessories.

MicroE, a prominent name in precision motion control and optical encoder solutions, revolutionizes industries reliant on high-precision positioning. Since 2023, Samm Teknoloji has proudly taken on the role of being the official distributor of MicroE products in Turkey. This collaboration empowers Turkish businesses and researchers with access to cutting-edge motion control technology, enabling advancements in fields such as robotics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Seeed Studio, a powerhouse in the world of electronics innovation, provides a diverse range of hardware platforms and modules that fuel creativity in prototyping and product development. Since 2023, Samm Teknoloji serves as the official distributor of Seeed products in Turkey. Seeed and Samm Teknoloji propel Turkey’s technological landscape forward, equipping visionaries with the resources they need to transform ideas into reality.

Mayku, a trailblazer in desktop manufacturing, empowers creators to turn their ideas into tangible objects using innovative machines and materials. Since 2022, Samm Teknoloji serves as the official distributor of Mayku products in Turkey. This partnership equips Turkish makers, designers, and entrepreneurs with access to Mayku’s cutting-edge vacuum forming and thermoforming machines, enabling them to bring their concepts to life with precision and creativity.