About SAMM

Samm Teknoloji Communications Industry and Trade Inc.

SAMM Teknoloji, a Turkish firm with the primary purpose of creating world-class values and providing services to various parts of the world, was created in 2003 by four engineers with very low capital.

SAMM Teknoloji aspires for the greatest degree of competency of all its workers in the workflow and, as a consequence, customer satisfaction by offering goods and solutions with the question “What does the customer want, what does the customer really need?”. Thus, recognizing the necessity to be an expert in the products or services that it provides, SAMM Teknoloji always gives the “optimal” solution and the proper product at a reasonable price.

SAMM-1 | Fiber Optic Cable Manufactures Facility and R&D Center

Our SAMM-1 facility, located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB), started fiber optic cable production in 2016, and received the registration certificate for the R&D Center in 2018 with law no. 5746. Our facility, built on an open area of 6,840 m2 and a closed area of 4,407 m2, has a fiber optic cable production capacity of 170,000 km/year.

SAMM-1 Fiber Optic Cable Manufactures Facility and R&D Center

In 2018, SAMM Teknoloji was recognized as an R&D Center under Law No. 5746. It has worked on projects in a variety of fields, including fiber detection technologies, with a number of research institutions and universities, including TÜBTAK, Aselsan, Koç University, Gebze High Technology University, and İzmir Institute of Technology, and has commercialized the products of these projects. SAMM also contributed value to its work by developing eight patents, three utility models, one product design document, hundreds of product designs, and new desktop and mobile apps.

SAMM-2 | Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Production Facility

Our SAMM-2 factory located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) started production in 2020. Our facility, built on an open area of 6,818 m2 and a closed area of 5,538 m2, is one of the most modern facilities in Europe with a yearly capacity of 4,000,000 connectors.

SAMM-2 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Production Facility

SAMM Teknoloji is responsible for the perimiter security of ÇamlıcaTower and Informatics Valley in our country, as well as the monitoring of BOTAŞ gas pipes.FOTAS detectıon system can produce a distributed acoustic detection system that collects data from the environment by using fiber optic cables developed as a result of the studies carried out within the R&D Center. FOTAS has become a product with rising demand throughout the world, being favoured in various fields such as jail and perimiter security, monitoring and detecting oil and gas leaks.

With the belief that going beyond creating value with a focus on science and technology, and contributing to equal opportunities in education, SAMM Teknoloji has established technology classes in village schools that have not yet met with software, and supported students and young people with computer and IoT components. Furthermore, it regularly provided non-refundable scholarships to 23 university students and 5 primary and secondary school students in 2022, as well as internship opportunities to 45 students, particularly 21 high school students, with the goal of introducing young people to professional business life and increasing their experience gains.

SAMM Teknoloji’s primary products and services are as follows:


  • It was one of the first Turkish firms that specialize in passive connectivity equipment, also known as “Connectivity Solutions” in the Telecom Sector.
  • SAMM Teknoloji is an approved supplier of the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Center for Nuclear Research), based in Switzerland and known as CERN since 2021. It supplies products to CERN’s main experimental groups, namely ATLAS and CMS.
  • It began fiber optic cable manufacturing in 2018 and has an annual capacity of 600,000 km fiber optic cable production as the top firm in the “special purpose fiber optic cables” sector, which is very demanding.
  • The SAMM-1 factory in GOSB provides fiber cables manufacture, R&D, and technical services, and it is one of the top firms in Turkey and Europe. SAMM-2 on the other hand, produces Data Center structured cabling solutions. The two factories cover around 15 thousand square meters.
  • Sales and after-sales calibration/maintenance services for Fiber Optic and communication test and measurement equipment (OTDR, etc.), formerly known as JDSU and subsequently changed to Viavi Solutions, are performed within our firm under the supervision of VIAVI Solutions and with TSE HYB certification.
  • SAMM was in charge of the Turkcell Superonline GPON project (Fiber FTTH to the Homes), which was implemented for the first time in Turkey for about 2 million subscribers, and successfully finished this project.
    It has become an exceptional and leading brand in the field by embracing the concept of new product-domestic manufacturing, which gives cost and time benefits in projects and decreases reliance on imported items.
  • Türk Telekom A.Ş. is one of our biggest clients, and we have exclusively provided them our largest order of fiber optic assemblies, totaling 4.5 million connectors.
  • SAMM is Turkey’s first and only manufacturer of Mulit-fiber data center passive network components named MTP/MPO.
  • SAMM Teknoloji is an active exporter to 31 countries, primarily the United States, EU Countries, and the United Kingdom.


  • Samm Teknoloji’s participation in informatics began in 2011 with the creation of smart projection devices. These gadgets, which have a strong technological foundation, were a huge success at the time. It was essentially a wall projector that could be operated with a special pen, and SAMM sold 10,000 units.
  • SAMM Teknoloji, Turkey’s leading distributor of Raspberry Pi and other development cards and robotic product groups, provides online sales of electronic product groups for education and R&D, as well as corporate support and engineering services to businesses. Furthermore, with a feeling of responsibility for Industry 4.0 and robotic products/services in Turkey, SAMM continues to support any location that can be now reachable inside the nation. With its market.samm.com e-commerce site, it offers same-day freight delivery of thousands of items to Turkey and around the world.
  • Samm is the main Turkish distributor for industry leaders like as Arduino, SparkFun, Adafruit, and Seeed. It also collaborates independently and cooperatively with a wide range of enterprises.

Fiber Optic Detection Technologies

  • As part of a collaboration agreement signed with TÜBTAK Bilgem in 2019, the SAMM Teknoloji R&D center developed and marketed a fiber optic-based distributed acoustic detection system (FOTAS).
  • FOTAS is a system that detects acoustic waves created surrounding a fiber optic cable, analyzes these echoes using artificial intelligence algorithms developed in-house, and alerts the end user.
  • The main applications of FOTAS include pipeline monitoring for oil and natural gas, environmental security, telecom and energy infrastructure monitoring, and smart city applications.
  • SAMM Teknoloji is continuing its research on fiber optic-based distributed temperature and voltage sensing, as well as FBG-based single fiber sensors.
  • Users may find detailed information on FOTAS products, projects, and applications at fotas.samm.com.


  • Since 2006, SAMM Teknoloji has signed several heating cable applications, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors.
  • SAMM Teknoloji has made these product categories market leaders by collaboration with firms whose names are poorly recognized in Turkey but are vital for the Turkish economy and need knowledge.
  • SAMM Teknoloji incorporates additional engineering expertise into its activities thanks to a collaboration arrangement with the American Thermon Company.
  • As a turnkey “EPCM” in Turkish construction firms’ global and domestic projects, SAMM performs engineering, procurement, installation, and project management of heating cables in powerplants, refineries, and natural gas pipelines.
  • SAMM Teknoloji has constructed electrical heating systems for 15 Gigawatt powerplants.
  • As a primary contractor, SAMM Teknoloji has undertaken electrical heating or liquid leakage monitoring work on global projects like as Mardan Palace, Kanyon, Sabiha Gökçen, Marmaray, and TANAP.