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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the working conditions in SAMM Teknoloji?

Our working conditions have been prepared in accordance with the relevant regulations, and labor law. However, the working days and hours of our employees may differ according to their work and location. *Our work schedule is 5 days a week. Working hours in our head office are 08:30-18:30

How does SAMM Teknoloji provide its employees with training opportunities?

We stand by all our employees who want to learn and develop, and we manage their advancement in order to achieve company goals and strategies, and to maintain the organization up to date with modern and new methods.

Can I get information about the internship program in your company?

We are recruiting interns through the applications sent to If you include a cover letter in your CV stating the department you want to work in, we will definitely evaluate it and we can have a better view for your suitable position. Contributing to your technical and personal development during your internship is an important issue for us. Our expectation during your internship is that you fulfill the objectives given regarding the processes of the department you are directed by, and in line with the needs of our company. If the process is mutually positive, we may ask our interns to work with us part-time or to continue their career journey at SAMM.

How does SAMM Teknoloji handle holiday leaves?

Our employees get thier holiday leaves as follows:

  • 14 days a year for employees in their 1st to 5th year.
  • 20 days a year for employees in their 6th to 15th year.
  • 26 days a year for employees in their 16th year and above.

Nonetheless, in accordance with the labor law, our employees take leaves on all national and public holidays.

Do you offer scholarships?

As a company that always supports education, we are happy to provide scholarships to the children of our employees who are in need. In addition, we try to contribute to the success of our students who meet the necessary conditions for the continuity of their scholarships in every academic term.

Human Resources Practices

Our Human Resources Approach

With our happy employees, we aim to create a family environment where commitment is high and the necessary development environment is provided for employees to realize their potential. Our goal is to provide a constantly developing, safe, healthy work environment where ethical values are kept alive and where human values are important.


We apply the right human approach to the right position with precision. The SAMM Teknoloji team consists of people who are suitable for the mission, in line with the vision and corporate culture, open to innovations, positive, and have competencies suitable for their positions. If you want to be a part of SAMM Teknoloji family, you can forward your resume by filling out the job application form.


Job valuation is implimented in our remuneration system and has an important place in our company. The remuneration system is made on the basis of the job family; the goal is to maintain a balanced team with a fair wage system.

Career Management

For our employees to climb the career ladder, we support them to take initiative and take more active roles within the company. In this direction, we aim to be a company that is constantly growing with our managers who grow within our structure and rise to the top on their own. We offer a fair promotion system to our employees, in accordance with performance management and criteria.

Performance System

In order to achieve our mission and vision, and be in line with the company strategy, our performance system consists of two sections: the realization of the objectives and the evaluation of the competencies. The Performance System enables the evaluation of work results, competencies and contributions of our employees to the company’s success. Implementation results feed Human Resources Planning, Wage Management, Compensation and Training Management processes.

Open Vacancies

Software Engineer


  • Willingness to learn and self-development
  • Having a good level of written and oral expression in English,
  • Curious in the field and wanting to improve himself further,
  • We are looking for teammates who are compatible with their colleagues and fit the team spirit.
  • Ability to analyze and document
  • English language proficiency at a level to follow the literature,
  • Contributing to the analysis and evaluation processes of projects in harmony with other team members

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Front-end development in web applications
  • Development of the back-end of web applications
  • He will follow the progress of the projects. He will be part of the team.
  • It will keep track of the versions of the codes
  • He will perform Unit Tests for the components or modules he has written.
  • Contributing to the preparation of relevant documentation
  • Making system analysis and architectural design, developing concepts in line with the new needs identified,

Job Requirements

  • Graduated from Software, Computer, Electrical-Electronics and Communication Engineering and related departments of universities,
  • Knowledge of front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, jQuery)
  • Knowledge of back-end languages (e.g. C#, Java, Python) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, Node.js, React)
  • Knowledge of web technologies/concepts such as REST, Typescript, rxJS, Leaflet, Web Service, Socket
  • Knowledge of data serialization formats such as XML, JSON,
  • Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Apache)
  • Preferably Docker, Kubernetes and Devops experience
  • Having design skills, able to present a portfolio of their work,
  • Able to write clean code that can be reused in the future
  • Will know how to use Office applications well,
  • English language proficiency at a level enough to follow the literature,

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