Thermon Genesis Network

Full Operational Awareness And Supervisory Control Over Heat Trace Systems


The Thermon Genesis-Network Heating System revolutionizes heat trace system management with its comprehensive operational awareness and supervisory control capabilities, all while ensuring low total installed costs and unmatched flexibility. By employing wireless mesh communications, the Genesis Network connects all heat trace controllers, providing seamless integration with the control room. From there, operators, maintenance teams, and management can access alarms and performance history via an intuitive browser-based interface, accessible from any PC or tablet.

The Genesis Network offers a range of benefits, including increased uptime through site-wide visibility of all heat trace operating conditions and alarms, optimized alarm settings to accurately identify outlier behavior, reduced maintenance hours with rapid diagnoses and troubleshooting, streamlined maintenance and operations through accurate data analysis, and improved responsiveness to upgrades, expansions, and maintenance activities.

Genesis Network Components

Genesis Gateway

Serving as the access point between the control room server and the wireless mesh network, the Genesis Gateway manages all communications to and from Genesis Bridges and network nodes. It securely controls node addition and removal and facilitates software updates for all Genesis smart devices and controllers.

Genesis Bridge

The Genesis Bridge establishes communication between panels and controllers and the wireless mesh network. Cost-effective and feature-rich, it surpasses traditional wired networks. Acting as a repeater, it dynamically adjusts to optimize communication paths within the mesh network, ensuring maximum communication success. Additionally, it can communicate via traditional wired Ethernet networks for added flexibility.

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