Thermon TFk

Steam Trace Tubing Channels


Thermon TFK Channels are meticulously engineered to enclose, safeguard, and securely affix steam trace tubing (and occasionally hard-pipe) to pipelines or tanks, ensuring reliable performance in diverse industrial applications. Available in galvanized or stainless steel construction, these channels are tailored to accommodate different tubing diameters, ensuring uniform coverage of Thermon heat transfer compounds for optimal thermal efficiency.

TFK channels play a crucial role in protecting the heat transfer compound and tracer while facilitating direct contact between the tracer and the pipeline or tank to which it is attached. By securely holding the trace in place with stainless steel banding straps, TFK channels ensure a solid thermal connection to the heated surface, maximizing heat transfer capability throughout the service life of the pipeline or vessel.

By incorporating TFK channels into a tracing system, operators can rest assured of maintaining a consistent thermal connection and achieving maximum heat transfer efficiency within the operating range of the heat transfer compounds. With their robust construction and innovative design, Thermon TFK Channels offer a dependable solution for enhancing the performance and longevity of steam trace systems in industrial settings.

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