Thermon Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage

An Innovative Solution for Tank Heating


The Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage tank heating units stand as a robust solution for tank heating needs, constructed from two sheets of 20-gauge, type 304 stainless steel, meticulously adhering to ASTM A240 standards. Seamlessly fused together through continuous seam welding along the outer perimeter, augmented by interrupted seam welds within, these units ensure structural integrity while providing multiple flow paths, thereby mitigating the risks of internal blockages typical in single-flow designs.
Engineered for reliability, Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage units are factory-applied with a non-hardening heat transfer compound on the surface that interfaces with the tank wall, ensuring efficient heat transfer by eliminating air gaps. For applications surpassing 375°F (191°C), T-75 heat transfer compound can be applied in the field just before attaching the units to the tank wall, guaranteeing optimal performance under elevated temperatures.
Available in various sizes and pre-rolled to conform to the tank’s curvature, Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage units facilitate straightforward installation. Featuring stainless steel tubing inlet and outlet nozzles, these units accommodate steam or other heating/cooling media, with simple tubing union compression fittings utilized to connect the inlet and outlet tubes to ThermoTube® pre-insulated leads (supply tubing) and tails (return tubing), which are available for separate purchase. With its durable construction, efficient heat transfer design, and adaptability to diverse applications, Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage offers a reliable and versatile solution for tank heating requirements in various industrial settings.

Thermon Heat-Sheet-X Heavy Gage Specifications

Max. operating temperature 500°F (260°C)
Minimum operating temperature -320°F (-196°C)
Max. operating pressure 250 psig (1,136 kPa g)
Maximum field test pressure 375 psig (1,700 kPa g)
Heat transfer coefficient1 HeetSheet unit to tank wall
20-40 Btu/hr-°F-ft2 (114-227 W/m2-°C)

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