Thermon T-3

Highly Efficient Heat Transfer Compound


Thermon T-3 heat transfer compound is engineered to establish a highly efficient thermal bond between steam or electric heaters and process pipes or equipment. Its innovative formulation enhances heat transfer efficiency, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods such as contoured clamp-on jackets. Remarkably, a single Thermonized steam tracer, combined with Thermon’s heat transfer compound, outperforms multiple bare tracers, providing equivalent performance while reducing costs.

T-3 is ideally suited for applications with maximum exposure temperatures of 371°C (700°F). To streamline installation and minimize waste, Thermon recommends utilizing their ChannelTrace™ system, featuring TFK channels. This system not only provides protection prior to thermal insulation installation but also eliminates the need for special curing procedures for the T-3 heat transfer compound.

With its exceptional heat transfer capabilities and compatibility with various heating systems, Thermon T-3 ensures efficient and reliable thermal performance in industrial applications. Whether used with steam or electric heaters, T-3 offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing heat transfer efficiency and optimizing thermal performance in diverse environments.

Thermon T-3 Specifications

Container sizes 3.79/18.93 liter
Maximum exposure temperature (ASTM C447) 371°C (700°F)
Minimum exposure temperature -196°C (-320°F)
Minimum installation temperature 0°C (32°F)
Heat transfer coefficient, Ut, tracer to pipe wall 114-227 W/m2 . °C (20-40 Btu/hr . °F . ft2)
Nominal electrical resistivity 0.86 ohms-cm (0.34 ohms-inch)
Shelf life (unopened) 18 months
Bond Strength (ASTM D1002) > 1380 kPa (> 200 lbs/in2)
Water Soluble Chlorides (ASTM C1218) < 100 ppm
Water-soluble yes

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