Thermon E4X-1

Adjustable Control Industrial Heating Thermostat


The Thermon E4X-1 is ingeniously designed to combine thermostat functions and heating cable power connection into a single unit, streamlining installation directly onto heat-traced pipes or tank protrusions. Crafted with a nonmetallic NEMA 4X enclosure, it ensures watertight, dust tight, and corrosion-resistant protection to the thermostat switch while facilitating the entry of one heating cable through the mounting expediter. Approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) locations, the E4X-1 offers a convenient and reliable solution for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications requiring pipewall or tankwall sensing.

Thermon E4X-1 Specifications

Voltage rating 125/240/277/480 Vac
Switch rating 30/30/25/15 amps
Switch type SPST 1
Electrical connection 2 screw terminals on switch
Adjustable control range 35°F to 235°F (2°C to 113°C)
Maximum control differential 9°F (5°C)
Maximum bulb exposure temperature 300°F (149°C)
Bulb dimensions 1/4” x 6-3/8” (6.4 x 162 mm)
Bulb material nickel-plated copper
Capillary length 5’ 6” (1.7 m)
Capillary material nickel-plated copper

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