TuffTec 30 Roof & Gutter Electric Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

High Temperature Resistant Heating Cable for Frost Protection From Snow and Ice in Gutters and Roofs


Introducing the ELEKTRA TuffTec 30 Electric Heating Cable – the epitome of strength and durability in electric heating solutions. The name “Tuff” is not just a moniker; it’s a commitment to toughness, showcasing the cable’s exceptional resilience. Engineered with high thermal and mechanical resistance, the TuffTec™ cable thrives in environments subjected to demanding installation and operational conditions.

One standout feature is its remarkable resistance to extremely high temporary exposure temperatures, reaching up to 240°C. This key characteristic positions the TuffTec™ cable as the ideal choice for installations in thermally challenging environments, including direct integration into asphalt. When durability meets cutting-edge technology, the result is the ELEKTRA TuffTec 30 Electric Heating Cable – a robust solution that stands up to the toughest conditions.

ELEKTRA TuffTec 30 Specifications

  • High mechanical strength
    – cables intended for installations characterized by increased risk of mechanical damages
  • High thermal properties
    – max. operating temperature: +110°C
    – max. exposure temperature (10 min): +240°C
    – min. installation temperature: -25°C
  • UV-Resistant
  • Resistance against chemical agents, including
    bituminous substances.

Installation of Electric Heating Cable On Roof and Inside Gutter

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