SelfTec DW Pipes Inner Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

Polyolefin + LDPE Sheathed Drinking Water Self-regulating Heating Cable for Pipes Frost Protection


SelfTec DW heating cables are polyolefin + LDPE sheathed and are certified for drinking water and engineered for in-pipe installation without the need to remove insulation, these cables provide a hassle-free solution. ELEKTRA SelfTec DW offers cutting-edge antifrost protection with its self-regulating heating cables, designed for versatile use in both indoor and outdoor pipe applications. The carefully calibrated 10 and 16 W/m cable output, specifically tailored for water heat capacity at +10°C, ensures optimal performance. SlefTec DW is  certified for food contact applications, making ELEKTRA SelfTec DW the go-to choice for efficient and reliable anti-frost protection in diverse pipe systems.

ELEKTRA DW Heating Cable Specifications

  • Power output (+10°C): 10 or 16 W/m
  • Power output (0°C in ice water): 16 W/m (SelfTec®DW 10 / DW F 10), 22 W/m (SelfTec®DW F 16)
  • Power supply: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • External dimension of cable: 7 x 10 mm (SelfTec®DW)
  • 6 x 9 mm (SelfTec®DW F)
  • Min. installation temperature: -25°C
  • Max. working temperature: +65°C
  • Max. exposure temperature: +65°C
  • Type of heating cable: self-regulating, conductor screen, single-side power supply
  • Screen of heating cables: 100% coverage, PET covered aluminum foil,
  • tinned copper braiding
  • Conductor: tin-coated copper 0.6 mm
  • Insulation: modified polyolefin
  • Outer sheath:
    – double-layer, halogen free polyolefin + external LDPE, certified for drinking water applications (SelfTec®DW)
    – single-layer, fluoropolymer, certified for drinking water applications (SelfTec®DW F)
  • Min. radius of bending cable: 3.5 D
  • Max. cable length per circuit: 125m (+10oC), 120m (0oC),  70m (+10oC in water), 65m (0oC in water)
  • Max. circuit-breaker, C-type: 16 A
  • Product certificates: EAC, FBUZ, PZH (SelfTec®DW) and NSF 61 (SelfTec®DW F) Hygenic Certificates
  • Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
  • Product mark: CE

Installation of Electric Heating Cable Inside Water Pipes

ELEKTRA Self-Regulating Heating Cable Technology


The capacity of heating cables to adjust their power output (heat) in response to temperature changes in their surroundings is known as self-regulation. The relationship between the temperature of the cable and the pipeline (water supply) is shown in the diagram. Following system activation, the heating cable “warms up” and increases power delivery while the pipe is still cold (blue) (red). The cable “cools down” and uses less power while the pipe is warmer.

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