MI XMI-L Corrugated Stainless Steel Industrial Heating Cable - Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 550°C


RAYCHEM XMI-L heating cables are engineered to address industrial freeze protection and process-temperature maintenance applications, offering reliable solutions capable of handling temperatures up to 752°F (400°C) and continuous exposure temperatures reaching 1022°F (550°C). These cables, available as 300 V and 600 V rated heating cables, are approved for applications demanding up to 50 watts per foot (164 watts per meter) of power output. MI XMI-L Industrial Heating Cables are constructed using Alloy 825 sheathed MI heating cables within a small or large corrugated 316L stainless steel sheath, these cables ensure lower sheath temperatures, optimizing reduced pass designs and enhancing constructability, especially in hazardous area applications. Suited for environments requiring high power output, extreme exposure temperatures, or resistance to environmental corrosives, these heating cables offer robust heating solutions.

The RAYCHEM XMI-L heating cables, featuring Alloy 825 sheathed MI heating cables within a corrugated 316L stainless steel sheath, provide a reliable and durable heating solution capable of handling extreme temperatures and corrosive environments while optimizing constructability in hazardous areas.

Raychem MI XMI-L Industrial Heating Cable Features

  • Lower Sheath Temperatures: Facilitates reduced pass designs and improved constructability, enhancing efficiency in various applications.
  • Cost-Efficient Installation: Reduces the total installed costs, providing an economically viable heating solution.
  • Lower Power Supply Costs: Initiates with lower startup currents compared to alternative technologies, resulting in reduced power supply expenses.
  • Simplified Controls: Series resistance-based current monitoring ensures instant visibility into critical circuits, ensuring ease of control and management.
  • Reliability in Harsh Climates: With robust and rugged construction, these cables have proven reliability in harsh climates, extending their life expectancy.
  • High Corrosion Resistance: Demonstrates high resistance to a wide spectrum of organic acids and alkalis, ensuring durability in challenging environments.

Raychem MI XMI-L Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Conductor Quantity: 2
  • Max Power Output: 50 W/ft
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 550 °C / 1022 °F
  • Min Installation Temperature: -60 °C / -76 °F
  • Conductor Material: Alloy
  • Sheath Material: Alloy 825
  • Outer Sheath Material: Corrugated Stainless Steel 316L
  • Area Classification: Non-Hazardous; Hazardous
  • Insulation Material: Magnesium Oxide

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