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Surface Sensing Thermostat, Electronic


The RAYCHEM AT-TS Surface Sensing Thermostat is a versatile electronic controller designed for efficient temperature control in pipe freeze protection or temperature maintenance applications when used with self-regulating heating cables. The AT-TS Thermostat by RAYCHEM is an electronic controller capable of line or ambient sensing, specifically intended for use with self-regulating heating cables. It offers temperature control in safe areas, allowing users to monitor the temperature set point through a window in the lid. LEDs provide visual indications for cable energization (Heating ON) and sensor status (defect detection such as sensor break or short-circuit). The AT-TS Surface Sensing Thermostat from RAYCHEM stands as a reliable and adaptable electronic control unit for managing self-regulating heating cables. Its flexible temperature control modes, visual indicators, direct cable switching capabilities, and warranty coverage make it a valuable component in maintaining optimal temperatures while ensuring ease of installation and use in various industrial applications.

AT-TS Surface Sensing Thermostat Features

Line or Ambient Sensing:

  • Offers energy-saving electronic control in either line-sensing or ambient-sensing modes, providing adaptability for diverse heating applications.

Temperature Ranges Available:

  • Two available temperature range options:
  • Adjustable from -5°C to +15°C (AT-TS-13)
  • Adjustable from 0°C to +120°C (AT-TS-14)
  • Suitable for varying temperature control needs.

Direct Switching of Heating Cables:

  • Capable of directly switching heating cables with a maximum current of 16 A and 250 VAC, ensuring efficient operation.

Installation and Operation:

  • Simple and fast installation process, facilitating ease of use.
  • LEDs offer clear visual cues indicating cable energization and sensor status, ensuring straightforward operation and maintenance.

Temperature Sensor Features:

  • The temperature sensor comes with a 3-meter length, allowing flexibility for ambient sensing operation and can be shortened accordingly.
  • Enables direct connection of heating cables, though connection kits need to be ordered separately.

Reliability and Warranty:

  • Designed for longevity and reliability, offering an extended 6-year product warranty for added assurance of durability and maintenance-free operation.

AT-TS Surface Sensing Thermostat Specifications

  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Width: 122 mm
  • IP Rating: IP65

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