XPI-S High Temperature 7J Industrial Heating Cable - Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 260⁰C


RAYCHEM XPI polymer insulated (PI) series trace heating cables are engineered to ensure freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for extended transfer lines, vessels, and instrumentation lines. The XPI-S XPI-S High Temperature 7J Industrial Heating Cable operates within a continuous exposure range of up to 260⁰C and intermittent exposure up to 300⁰C, serving both hazardous and safe environments.

XPI-S, a re-enforced iteration of the XPI series, is crafted specifically for demanding environments where there are high mechanical stresses on the heating cable. It is tailored for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications across pipes, tanks, and industrial equipment, presenting an economical solution for various heat-tracing needs, especially for extended pipe lengths that surpass the limitations of parallel heating cables, reaching up to 250 meters.

Featuring an inner insulation constructed with high-temperature fluoropolymer and PTFE in a sandwich formation, complemented by a PTFE outer insulation, the XPI-S offers ease of termination, exceptional flexibility, and utmost safety, delivering high chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical strength, particularly in elevated temperature settings.

Capable of operating within temperatures up to 260°C continuously and enduring intermittent short-term exposure up to 300°C, the XPI-S series is user-friendly, equipped with printed meter-marks, and available in an extensive range of resistances from 0.8 Ω/km to 8000 Ω/km. RAYCHEM provides a comprehensive suite of components for cable connection and splicing.

XPI-S High Temperature 7J Industrial Heating Cable Features

  • Swift installation: extremely flexible cable and user-friendly termination components
  • Safe and efficient operation: maintains stabilized electrical insulation by managing cold flow
  • Reliable and durable: hybrid PTFE/PFA construction minimizes internal mechanical and thermal stress buildup, ensuring an impressive 7 J impact resistance.

XPI-S High Temperature 7J Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Min Clearance: 20 mm
  • Max Power Output: 35 W/m
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 260 °C
  • Max Intermittent Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 300 °C
  • Max Cumulative Hours for Intermittent Exposure: 1000 h
  • Min Installation Temperature: -70 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 0 – 750 V
  • Area Classification: Non-Hazardous; Hazardous
  • Outer Jacket Material: PTFE
  • Color: Red

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