XPI-F Low Temperature 4J Industrial Heating Cable - Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 90⁰C


RAYCHEM XPI polymer insulated (PI) series trace heating cables are engineered to provide freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for extended transfer lines, vessels, and instrumentation lines. XPI-F Low Temperature 4J Industrial Heating Cable operates within a continuous exposure range from -60⁰C to 90⁰C and is suitable for use in both safe and hazardous areas.

The XPI-F series represents a polymer insulated (PI) heating cable designed for ordinary and hazardous area applications, aiming to ensure freeze protection and low-temperature maintenance across pipes, tanks, and other industrial equipment. Offering a cost-effective solution for a broad spectrum of heat-tracing needs, especially for longer pipe lengths beyond the reach of parallel heating cables.

Featuring an inner insulation consisting of a PTFE and PE sandwich construction, complemented by a hybrid PE outer insulation, the XPI-F cable is easy to terminate and offers flexibility while eliminating internal mechanical and thermal stress. This construction ensures a high level of safety and reliability. With the PE providing excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength, the XPI-F heating cables can effectively operate within temperatures up to 90°C continuously and 100°C intermittently, making it ideal for transfer lines and large tanks with limited temperature requirements. The XPI-F series is user-friendly, equipped with printed meter-marks, and available in various resistances ranging from 1.8 Ω/km to 200 Ω/km. offers a comprehensive range of components for cable connection and splicing.

XPI-F Low Temperature 4J Industrial Heating Cable Features

  • Swift installation: highly flexible cable and easy termination components
  • Safe and efficient operation: maintains stabilized electrical insulation by controlling cold flow
  • Reliable and durable: hybrid PE and PTFE construction reduces internal mechanical and thermal stress buildup, providing exceptional 4 J impact resistance.

XPI-F Low Temperature 4J Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Max Power Output: 20 W/m
  • Min Clearance: 20 mm
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 90 °C
  • Max Intermittent Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 100 °C
  • Max Cumulative Hours for Intermittent Exposure: 1000 h
  • Min Installation Temperature: -60 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 0 – 500 V
  • Color: Black
  • Area Classification: Non-Hazardous; Hazardous
  • Outer Jacket Material: Hybrid PE

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