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Temperature Maintenance: up to 110-200 ⁰C

Thermon ThermTrac-Skin-Effect-Heat-Tracing-System

The Thermon ThermTrac Skin-Effect Industrial Heat Tracing Cable represents a breakthrough solution, offering a cost-effective alternative to conventional resistance heat tracing, especially on long pipelines where an extensive power distribution system may be impractical. Remarkably versatile, this system can trace pipelines up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) in length from a single power point, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and heat-up.

The operational excellence of the ThermTrac system lies in its ability to generate heat within the heat tube through the return electrical current flowing through the impedance of the inner skin of the heat tube. Notably, there is no voltage or current on the outer skin of the heat tube, enhancing safety and efficiency.

At the heart of the ThermTrac system is the insulated conductor, a critical component custom-designed by Thermon. This conductor features dielectric insulation and an optional scuff jacket, meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. Ensuring the highest quality standards, the ThermTrac insulated conductor is manufactured 100% by Thermon, underlining the system’s commitment to reliability and performance.

In summary, the ThermTrac Skin-Effect Industrial Heat Tracing Cable not only provides a cost-effective alternative for heat tracing on long pipelines but also delivers unparalleled versatility for temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and heat-up applications. With its innovative design and commitment to quality, the ThermTrac system stands as an efficient and reliable solution for a wide range of industrial heating needs.

ThermTrac Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. Highly flexible, Class H, nickel-plated copper conductor
  2. Polyolefin dielectric insulation (TT-XR)
  3. Fluoropolymer dielectric insulation (TT-HT)
  4. Optional polyolefin scuff jacket (TT-XR)
  5. Optional fluoropolymer scuff jacket (TT-HT)
  6. Carbon steel heat tube

ThermTrac Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • System operating voltages
    TT-XR up to 5 kV
    TT-HT up to 3.5 kV
  • Max. maintenance temperature
    TT-XR 230°F (110°C)
    TT-HT 392°F (200°C)
  • Max. continuous exposure temp. power-off
    TT-XR 302°F (150°C)
    TT-HT 500°F (260°C)
  • Minimum installation temp.  -40°F (-40°C)
  • Minimum bend radius 6x cable o.d.
  • T-rating T6 to T2

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