Thermon TraceNet TCM18

Heating Control and Monitoring Module


The Themron TraceNet TCM18 Heating Control and Monitoring Module represents a cutting-edge extension of Thermon’s well-established control and monitoring systems. Engineered for design simplicity and adaptability, this module stands out for its ability to deliver the utmost cost efficiency throughout its lifecycle.

In alignment with Thermon’s mission of enhancing customers’ process operations through innovative and reliable solutions at the lowest cost of ownership, the TCM18 plays a pivotal role in reducing installation, operating, and maintenance expenses in various industrial settings.

One standout feature is the design that enables the placement of the entire TCM18 system, including electric circuit breakers, within hazardous areas. This design choice significantly minimizes wiring complexities, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

The TCM18 is a multicircuit microprocessor-based temperature control and monitoring module, purpose-built for heat tracing applications. With the capacity to manage up to eighteen heat trace circuits, this module offers versatile configuration options. It can be tailored for either process sensing control (with one or two RTD inputs for each circuit) and/or ambient sensing control (with the option of one or two RTD inputs).

The user-friendly interface is highlighted by the LCD digital display and a dedicated touchpad on the front of each module, providing easy access to circuit information and programming capabilities. This ensures straightforward operation and monitoring, contributing to a streamlined and efficient workflow.

The Themron TraceNet TCM18 sets a new standard in electric heat tracing control and monitoring, combining advanced technology, adaptability, and user-friendly features to optimize performance and reduce total ownership costs in industrial environments.

Thermon TraceNet TCM18 Specifications

Control and monitoring capacity 18 heat tracing circuits
Nominal module supply voltage 120-240 Vac 50/60Hz
Input current 1.5 Amp max.
Power consumption 70 watts
Minimum ambient temperature 40°C
Storage ambient temperature 40°C to 85°C
Data retention non-volatile EEPROM
Power clamp function programmable from 20% to 100%
Temperature input up to 36 3-wire platinum 100 Ω RTDs
Temperature control range 129°C to 600°C
Control band programmable in increments of 1 degree
High operating current alarm and trips 0.1 to 100 Amps
Low operating current alarm 0.1 to 100 Amps
Ground leakage alarm and trips 20 to 225 mA
Alarm relays @0.4-amps resistive at 24 Vdc/Vac
Auxiliary output power 24 Vdc at 0.5 Amps
Self-test frequency programmable from 2 to 99 hours
Communication Modbus ASCII/RTU via Dual RS 485 ports
Communication rate up to 57600 Baud
Certifications ATEX
Pollution category 2

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