Thermon ThermoTube SL-HT

Pre-Insulated Heating Tubing for High Process Exposure Temperatures


ThermoTube SL-HT Pre-Insulated Heating Tubing emerges as the epitome of efficiency and safety in high-temperature environments, designed as pre-insulated heating tubing for applications with elevated process exposure temperatures.

Thermon ThermoTube SL-HT Features

High Temperature Applications: ThermoTube SL-HT, available in configurations such as HT, HTX, and HTX2, is a non-heated tube bundle tailored for the transportation of high-temperature steam, liquids, or for use in sample lines and impulse lines to pressure instruments. These configurations cater to diverse industrial needs, ensuring reliable performance in environments with demanding process exposure temperatures.

Heat Tracing Unnecessary: Specifically crafted for scenarios where traditional heat tracing is deemed unnecessary, ThermoTube SL-HT finds its niche indoors or in climates that do not experience subfreezing temperatures. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where energy conservation is paramount and heat tracing may not be required.

Energy Conservation and Personnel Protection: ThermoTube SL-HT is designed to limit heat losses, contributing to energy conservation while ensuring personnel protection. The tubing effectively contains high temperatures, preventing unnecessary heat dissipation and maintaining a safe outer jacket temperature.

Temperature Range Options: ThermoTube SL-HT offers three popular configurations, providing a spectrum of temperature range options. From a service temperature of 399°C (750°F) to continuous operation at an impressive 593°C (1100°F), this tubing is versatile and reliable across a wide range of high-temperature applications.

ThermoTube SL-HT stands out as a reliable and robust solution for applications requiring pre-insulated heating tubing in high-temperature environments. With its advanced configurations, focus on energy conservation, and personnel protection features, it is a versatile choice for industries where the precision and safety of temperature control are paramount.

Thermon ThermoTube SL-HT Construction

  • Process Tube
  • High Temperature Woven Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation
  • Thermal Diffusion Foil
  • Heat Reflective Foil
  • Non-hygroscopic Glass Fiber Insulation
  • Polymer Outer Jacket (ATP or TPU)

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