Thermon SnapTrace

Pre-Formed Heat Tracing Tubing Compound


Thermon SnapTrace stands out as a preformed, flexible heat transfer compound meticulously designed for swift and consistent installation over steam trace tubing on straight piping. This innovative solution is not only efficient but also includes the TFK channel, offering mechanical and weather protection to the installation, ensuring durability and reliability.

Thermon SnapTrace Features

Rapid and Consistent Installation: SnapTrace is engineered for quick and consistent installation on straight piping. Its preformed and flexible nature facilitates a seamless application over steam trace tubing, reducing installation time and ensuring uniformity in the process.

Inclusive TFK Channel: The inclusion of the TFK channel in SnapTrace provides additional mechanical and weather protection to the installation. This ensures the longevity of the compound and the traced system, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Efficient Thermal Connection: Thermon’s heat transfer compounds, including SnapTrace, establish an efficient thermal connection between the tracer and process equipment. By eliminating air voids that might typically exist, SnapTrace directs heat into the pipe wall primarily through conduction, minimizing heat loss through convection and radiation.

Enhanced Performance: A single tracer utilizing Thermon’s heat transfer compound, like SnapTrace, demonstrates equivalent performance to three to five bare tracers. This enhanced performance contributes to energy efficiency and operational effectiveness in heat tracing applications.

ChannelTrace™ System Compatibility: Bulk Heat Transfer Compounds, including SnapTrace, can be conveniently installed in TFK channels to create a ChannelTrace™ system. While SnapTrace is part of the ChannelTrace family, its unique ability for rapid installation on straight runs makes it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Thermon SnapTrace Pre-Formed Heat Tracing Tubing Compound offers a rapid and consistent installation solution for steam trace tubing on straight piping. With its inclusive TFK channel, efficient thermal connection, enhanced performance, and compatibility with the ChannelTrace system, SnapTrace stands as an innovative and cost-effective choice for industries seeking reliable and efficient heat tracing solutions.

Thermon SnapTrace Specifications

Standard length pre-formed 4’ (1.22 m) sections
Maximum exposure temperature (ASTM E2550) 232°C (450°F)
Minimum exposure temperature -65°C (-85°F)
Minimum installation temperature -10°C (14°F)
Leachable Halogens (ASTM C871) < 50 ppm
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240) 85A
Heat transfer coefficient, Ut tracer to pipe wall
114-227 w/m2. °C (20-40 Btu/hr.°F.ft2)
Electrical resistivity 60 ohms-cm (150 ohms-inch)
Shelf life indefinite
Bond strength > 1380 kPa (> 200 lb/in2)
Water-soluble no

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