Thermon SafeTrace DLS

Steam Heat Tracing Tubing


Thermon SafeTrace DLS-IT stands at the forefront of steam heat tracing tubing, featuring a metallic tracer tube enveloped in advanced composite materials designed to lower thermal conductance and reduce heat transfer. This groundbreaking design ensures a predictable heat output along the traced pipe, preventing hot spots and overheating—addressing challenges associated with bare metallic tracers that often waste energy and stress pipe works by elevating pipe temperatures beyond desired levels.

Thermon SafeTrace DLS Features

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: SafeTrace DLS-IT employs composite materials that effectively lower thermal conductance, optimizing heat transfer and preventing wasteful energy dissipation. This results in a consistent and predictable heat output along the traced pipe, eliminating the risk of hot spots and pipe overheating.

Energy Conservation: Replacing conventional bare metallic tracers, SafeTrace DLS-IT offers a more energy-efficient solution. By preventing excessive heat transfer, it mitigates energy wastage and promotes sustainability in heat tracing applications.

Safety Identification: SafeTrace DLS-IT tracers are easily recognizable with a safety yellow identification jacket, adhering to the ASME/ANSI A13.1-1996 standard. This visual cue signifies the presence of potentially dangerous materials, such as steam. Additionally, all SafeTrace IT tracers comply with ASTM Std C-1055, ensuring that human skin temperature remains below 58°C (136.4°F) when in contact with a hot surface for five seconds.

Comprehensive Compliance: SafeTrace DLS-IT aligns with industry standards, providing peace of mind regarding safety and performance. The tubing complies with ASTM Std C-1055, reinforcing its commitment to human safety and well-being.

Versatile Installation: Supplied in long-length coils, SafeTrace DLS-IT offers flexibility in installation. It can be run continuously from the steam supply manifold, along the pipe, and over to the condensate return manifold. This adaptability ensures ease of integration into diverse heat tracing systems.

Thermon SafeTrace DLS-IT represents a paradigm shift in steam heat tracing tubing, combining thermal efficiency, energy conservation, and safety. With its advanced composite materials and adherence to industry standards, it stands as a reliable and forward-thinking choice for industries where precision, sustainability, and personnel safety are paramount.

Thermon SafeTrace DLS Specifications

Available tube diameters 3/8” and 10 mm
Nominal O.D. 1” (25 mm)
Available tube materials
Typical pipe temp. range 40°F to 130°F (5°C to 54°C)
Max. exposure temperature 420°F (215°C)
Min. installation temperature -40°F (-40°C)
Max. recommended steam pressure .250 psig (17 bar)
Typical max. jacket temperature <136.4°F (58°C)

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