Thermon RTD-100

Mechanical Thermostat, Industrial Temperature Sensor


The Thermon RTD-100 Mechanical Thermostat is specifically designed for applications involving freeze protection and temperature maintenance. It serves as a control input for these purposes, particularly for sensing the temperature of pipewalls or tankwalls. The thermostat is intended for use in heat-tracing systems where maintaining specific temperatures is crucial.

Thermon RTD-100 Features

Application Focus: The thermostat is tailored for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications, providing precise control over heat-traced pipes.

Enclosure and Terminal Block: Housed in a cast-aluminum NEMA 4X/7 enclosure, the RTD-100 offers protection against environmental factors, ensuring durability and longevity. The terminal block facilitates easy wiring into a single unit, simplifying the installation process.

Direct Installation onto Heat-Traced Pipes: The thermostat is designed for direct installation onto heat-traced pipes, streamlining the setup process and making it a convenient solution for various industrial and commercial heating applications.

Construction Materials: The housing and mounting pad of the RTD-100 are constructed from stainless steel, enhancing corrosion resistance and robustness, which is crucial for outdoor or harsh environments.

Temperature Limitations: The thermostat is suitable for use in heat-tracing applications where surface temperatures do not exceed 900°F (482°C). This specification ensures the thermostat’s compatibility with a range of heating scenarios while maintaining safety and efficiency.

In summary, the Thermon RTD-100 Mechanical Thermostat is a durable and versatile device designed for temperature control in heat-tracing systems. Its features, such as the robust enclosure, stainless steel construction, and temperature limitations, make it well-suited for demanding industrial environments requiring precise temperature management.

Thermon RTD-100 Specifications

Electrical connection ceramic strip w/brass terminals
Enclosure rating NEMA 4X/7
Enclosure hub size 3/4” NPT female hub
RTD leads 22 AWG fiberglass
RTD type 3-wire platinum thin film
RTD resistance 100 ohms at 32° (0°C)
RTD calibration Per ASTM E1137, DIN standard 43760/BS1904/IEC 751
Temperature coefficient 00385 Ohms/Ohms – °C
Maximum sensor temperature 900°F (482°C)
Sensor housing material 316 stainless steel

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