Thermon RT FlexiPanel

Tank and Vessel Heating Panel


The RT FlexiPanel stands out as a self-contained, high-performance flexible heating panel meticulously crafted for application on metallic tanks or vessels. Engineered to deliver exceptional heat outputs at 2 watts per square inch (3,100 watts per square meter) or less, the RT FlexiPanel ensures even heat distribution across its entire surface. With a low-profile and flexible design, the panel allows for rapid and trouble-free installation, complemented by the mounting kit available from Thermon.

Thermon RT FlexiPanel Features

Specialized Design for Metallic Tanks or Vessels: The RT FlexiPanel is specifically designed for metallic tanks or vessels, addressing the unique heating requirements of these applications.

High Heat Output: With a capability to provide heat outputs at 2 watts per square inch or less, the RT FlexiPanel is a high-performance solution, ensuring efficient and effective heat distribution.

Even Heat Distribution: The panel is engineered to distribute heat evenly over its entire surface. This feature is critical for maintaining consistent temperatures across the metallic tank or vessel, enhancing operational performance.

Low Profile Flexible Design: The low-profile and flexible design of the panel facilitate rapid and trouble-free installation. The included mounting kit from Thermon ensures a seamless integration process, adapting to various tank and vessel configurations.

Parallel Circuit Design: To ensure multiple flow paths for electrical current, the RT FlexiPanel utilizes a parallel circuit design based on a stamped high-temperature alloy heating element. This innovative design eliminates the burnout potential commonly associated with series wire-based designs.

Rugged Construction: The RT FlexiPanel boasts a rugged construction featuring a durable metal jacket that provides mechanical protection during handling and installation. The panel’s heating element is additionally safeguarded from vibration and moisture by being encased in a heat-laminated layer of silicone rubber, offering cushioning and a watertight seal.

Safety Compliance: RT FlexiPanels are approved for use in both ordinary (nonclassified) and hazardous (classified) areas, demonstrating compliance with safety standards across diverse operational environments.

In summary, Thermon RT FlexiPanel emerges as a reliable solution for heating metallic tanks or vessels, combining specialized design, high heat output, even heat distribution, flexibility in installation, and robust construction. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industrial applications where precise and efficient heating is paramount.

Thermon RT FlexiPanel Specifications

Nominal output 500 and 2,000 watts
Supply voltage 120 or 240 Vac
Max. maintenance temperature 250°F (121°C)
Max. continuous exposure temperature Power-off 450°F (232°C)
Minimum installation temperature 67°F (-55°C)
T-rating 2 T2C to T6

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