Thermon GenesisDuo

Dual-Point Control and Monitoring Module


The Themron Genesis Duo Heating Control and Monitoring Module stands as an industry-leading IIoT-enabled heat trace temperature controller and high-temperature limiter, providing a versatile Dual-Point Control & Monitoring Solution for various industrial applications.

Designed specifically for heat tracing, the Genesis Duo offers precise control and monitoring capabilities for one or two heat tracing circuits, accommodating input from up to two intrinsically safe RTDs per circuit. Notably, the unit can be configured for both control and limitation, featuring dedicated intrinsically safe RTD inputs for the limiter channel, ensuring enhanced safety measures.

Key to the Genesis Duo is its 4.3″ glove touch-capable LCD display, facilitating efficient operation and configuration. The addition of a light ring provides visual indication, enhancing user awareness. Furthermore, the Genesis Duo seamlessly integrates into the Genesis Network, requiring no additional hardware for communication with Thermon’s state-of-the-art supervisory and management platform, emphasizing simplicity and connectivity.

Thermon GenesisDuo Features

Efficient Configuration and Operation: The glove touch-enabled 4.3″ LCD enables operators to quickly program and access readings. When connected to the Genesis Network, configuration and operation can be centrally managed, creating a distributed controls network.

Improved Control Methods: The Duo employs multiple control methods (On/Off, Soft-Start, Proportional) and features the upgraded Ambient Proportional Control (APC and APCM), combining energy-saving principles with the higher current capacity of the mechanical relay.

Upgraded Communications: The Genesis Duo is Genesis Network native, supporting built-in wireless mesh or wired Ethernet connectivity. Optionally, it can be directly connected to any plant DCS system via Modbus RTU, with Modbus TCP available in a future update.

High Temperature Limiter: Configurable as a single channel with a high-temperature limiter, the Duo’s limiter functionality meets the stringent requirements of IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60079-30-1 for controlled design, limiting energy to the heat trace in explosive atmospheres.

The Themron Genesis Duo sets a new standard in control and monitoring for heat tracing applications, integrating advanced technology, safety features, and seamless connectivity to optimize performance in industrial environments.

Thermon GenesisDuo Specifications

Control and monitoring capacity 2 heat tracing circuits
Supply and load voltages 100-277 V~, 50/60 Hz
Maximum input current 1.5 A
Fuse rating 3.15 A
Heater Outputs (each circuit independently powered and switched)
Input Voltage 100-277 V~, 50/60 Hz
Output Current (See derating) 30 A~
Ground fault measurement up to 500 mA
Heater current measurement up to 60 A
Voltage measurement (for power calculation) up to 277 V
Power clamp function Programmable from 20%-100%
Temperature input up to two, 3-wire platinum 100 Ohm RTDs per circuit
Temperature control range -40°C to 600°C (-40°F to 1112°F)
Control band Programmable in increments of 1 degree
Dry contact alarm relay Two 277 V~, 500 mA or higher
Aux Input Contact closure sensed
Self-test frequency Programmable from 2 to 99 hours
Wired Modbus (RS-485)
Wireless Mesh via 802.15.4 Radio WiFi 802.11 bgn
Auxiliary power output 9 W @ 24 Vdc
Pollution Degree 2
Degree of Protection and Type Rating IP66, Type 4
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C (See derating curve)
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C

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