Thermon E7-25325

Adjustable Control Industrial Heating Thermostat


The Thermon E7-25325 Adjustable Control Thermostat is engineered to meet demanding requirements in freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications, particularly those necessitating pipewall or tankwall sensing. Housed within an aluminum lacquer finished die-cast aluminum enclosure, it offers dual protection with NEMA 4X standards (water tight, dust tight, and corrosion resistant) and NEMA 7/NEMA 9 classifications (explosion proof), ensuring safety and durability in hazardous environments. Its tamper-resistant design features a threaded and gasketed aluminum dial cover, which allows for external adjustment while maintaining security. This thermostat’s versatility and robust construction make it an ideal choice for industrial settings where precise temperature control and protection are paramount.

Thermon E7-25325 Specifications

Voltage rating 125/250/480 Vac
Switch rating 22 amps
Switch type SPDT1
Electrical Connection terminal blocks
Adjustable control range 25°F to 325°F (-4°C to 163°C)
Maximum control differential 7°F (3.9°C)
Setpoint repeatability 3.5°F (1.9°C)
Maximum bulb exposure temperature 650°F (343°C)
Bulb dimensions 1/4” x 8-1/4” (6.4 x 210 mm)
Bulb material stainless steel
Capillary length 10’ (3 m)
Capillary material stainless steel

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