Thermon B7-15140

Adjustable Ambient Control Industrial Heating Thermostat


The Thermon B7-15140 Adjustable Ambient Control Thermostat is purpose-built to offer ambient sensing control for electric heat tracing circuits, ensuring reliable freeze protection for piping and vessels. Encased within an aluminum lacquer finished die-cast aluminum enclosure, it meets stringent standards with both NEMA 4X (water tight, dust tight, and corrosion resistant) and NEMA 7/NEMA 9 (explosion proof) classifications, guaranteeing safety and durability in hazardous environments. Featuring a tamper-resistant, threaded, and gasketed aluminum dial cover, external adjustment is both secure and convenient. These thermostats are versatile, capable of controlling a single heating circuit or serving as pilot control for a contactor switching multiple heat tracing circuits, making them essential components for industrial applications where precise temperature control is essential for safety and efficiency.

Thermon B7-15140 Specifications

Voltage rating 125/250/480 Vac
Switch rating 22 amps
Switch type SPDT 1
Electrical connection terminal blocks
Adjustable control range 15°F to 140°F (-9°C to 60°C)
Maximum control differential 6°F (3.3°C)
Set point repeatability 2°F (1.1°C)
Maximum bulb exposure temperature 160°F (71°C)
Bulb dimensions 9/16” x 3” (14 x 76 mm)
Bulb material stainless steel

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