TCONTROL-05 Electronic Controller - Raychem Industrial Heating

Single-Circuit Electronic Controller With Dual Display


The RAYCHEM TCONTROL-05 Electronic Controller is a versatile and accurate temperature control unit designed for individual heat-tracing circuits, offering centralized monitoring capabilities. The TCONTROL-05 family of electronic controllers from RAYCHEM provides precise temperature control and monitoring for individual heat-tracing circuits. These compact panel-mounted controllers feature dual displays indicating process value and set point. During programming, the displays offer user guidance, simplifying commissioning. Additionally, the TCONTROL-05/CONFIG software provides an optional, user-friendly computer-aided configuration method. The RAYCHEM TCONTROL-05 Electronic Controller family represents a robust, user-friendly, and adaptable solution for precise temperature control and monitoring in non-hazardous areas. Its configurable nature, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, ease of installation, and versatile temperature range make it an essential component for managing individual heat-tracing circuits in various industrial settings.

TCONTROL-05 Electronic Controller Features

Easy to install, program and operate:

  • Display indicates the process value and the set point, during programming it also provides guidance to simplify commissioning, service counters record and eventually alarm on the number of relay operations


  • Software can optionally be used for computer aided configuration
  • Robust, compact and space saving

Adjustable set point:

  •  -200 °C to +2400 °C, depending on temperature sensor

Time-delay after initial power up:

  • Can be used to avoid peak demands on power during start-up
  • Input temperature sensors are permanently monitored for failures

TCONTROL-05 Electronic Controller Specifications

  • Height: 48 mm
  • Width: 48 mm
  • Depth: 78 mm
  • Voltage Rating: 110 – 240 V
  • Operating Temperature: −10 to 55 °C


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