SelfTec PRO TC Pipes & Gutters Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

Tin-Coated Large Cross-Sectıon Self-regulating Heating Cable for Pipes and Gutters Frost Protection


The ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO TC is an electric heating cable with a tin coil that can withstand high temperatures and protects pipes and gutters from freezing temperatures.

When there is a significant temperature differential between cold and hot situations, ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO TC is utilized in advanced anti-freeze protection systems. It is appropriate for process heat pipes, central heating systems, and valves that are shut off temporarily.

ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO TC Specifications

    • Power output (+10°C): 30 W/m
    • Power supply: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
    • External dimension of cable: ~ 6 x 13,5 mm
    • Min. installation temperature: -50°C
    • Max. working temperature: +100°C
    • Max. exposure temperature: +135°C (power-off)
    • Type of heating cable: self-regulating, conductor screen, single-side power supply
    • Conductor: nickel-coated copper 2 x 1.3 mm2
    • Insulation: XLEVA
    • Outer sheath:  HFFR
    • Min. bending radius: 35mm
    • Max. cable length per circuit: 109m
    • Max. circuit-breaker, C-type: 40A
    • Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
    • Product mark: CE

Installation of Electric Heating Cable On Water Pipes

ELEKTRA Self-Regulating Heating Cable Technology


The capacity of heating cables to adjust their power output (heat) in response to temperature changes in their surroundings is known as self-regulation. The relationship between the temperature of the cable and the pipeline (water supply) is shown in the diagram. Following system activation, the heating cable “warms up” and increases power delivery while the pipe is still cold (blue) (red). The cable “cools down” and uses less power while the pipe is warmer.

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