SC-H Hi-Temp Hazardous Area Industrial Heating Cable - nVent Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 250 °C


The nVent RAYCHEM SC/H series-resistance trace heating cables stand as a high-performance solution tailored explicitly for hazardous industrial environments. These cables are engineered to provide robust freeze protection and high-temperature maintenance with minimal heat loss, making them ideal for longline heating applications.

nVent RAYCHEM SC/H Heating Cable is available with single, dual, or triple conductors, the SC/H series cables offer versatility to suit various circuit requirements. They boast an impressive capability to power continuous circuit lengths of up to 12,000 ft/3659 m from a single power source, ensuring efficient and cost-effective installations.

Capable of supporting voltages up to 600 VAC, these cables ensure safe and consistent operation in hazardous areas, emphasizing reliability and safety in demanding conditions.

With a remarkable tolerance for continuous exposure to temperatures reaching up to 482 °F/250 °C, the SC/H series is designed to withstand extreme heat. The cables are fortified with a durable fluoropolymer outer jacket, offering exceptional chemical resistance against aggressive organic compounds and corrosive elements.

The nVent RAYCHEM SC/H series represents a dependable and efficient solution for industrial settings. Their ability to endure high temperatures while minimizing heat loss, along with their resistance to aggressive chemicals, makes them a preferred choice for critical applications requiring robust heating solutions. For additional information or specific inquiries, please contact your nVent representative for comprehensive details about these exceptional heating cables.

nVent Raychem SC-H Industrial Heating Cable Features

Fast Installation with Extended Circuit Lengths

Enables quick installation with the capability to power extensive circuit lengths up to 12,000 ft/3659 m from a single power source.

Safe and Efficient Operation

Supports high voltages up to 600 VAC, ensuring reliable and secure operation in hazardous areas.

nVent Raychem SC-H Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Min Bending Radius: 1 in
  • Max Power Output: 12 W/ft
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 250 °C / 482 °F
  • Max Intermittent Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 250 °C / 482 °F
  • Min Installation Temperature: -40 °C / -40 °F
  • Supply Voltage: 0 – 600 V
  • Outer Jacket Material: Fluoropolymer
  • Area Classification: Non-Hazardous; Hazardous
  • Color: Red

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