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The RAYCHEM SBS-XX-VV-20 control panel is designed to manage ice and snow prevention systems by offering a fully integrated electrical safety, connection, and control solution specifically for RAYCHEM EM2-XR self-regulating heating systems within reinforced concrete surfaces. This control panel incorporates the VIA-DU-20 multisensor control unit, which efficiently controls ground surface heating while ensuring energy savings. Integrated electrical safety devices, including C-type circuit breakers and residual current devices, contribute to the safety measures of the system. The panel, requiring connection to a 400Vac (3 phase) supply, supports up to 12 circuits of EM2-XR heating cables. The SBS-XX-VV-20 control panel is an integrated solution tailored for RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables in surface snow melting applications, offering efficiency, safety, and reliability within a single comprehensive system.

SBS Control Panel for Surface Snow Melting Features

Efficient Circuit Connection:

  • Streamlined and rapid connection of multiple circuits directly into a single panel, simplifying installation procedures.

High Capacity Handling:

  • Capability to manage 3 to 12 maximum circuit lengths within the panel, ensuring high capacity and adaptability as needed.

All-in-One Integrated System:

  • Complete integration featuring all necessary connections, circuit protection components, and safety devices within the panel itself, creating a comprehensive and compact system.

Energy-Saving Smart Control:

  • Utilizes the built-in RAYCHEM VIA-DU-20 smart controller, activating circuits only when it detects a combination of cold weather and moisture, thus optimizing energy consumption.

Reliability and Warranty:

  • Developed by a single manufacturer specifically for surface snow melting systems, ensuring reliability and functionality. Additionally, it comes with an available 6-year extended product warranty and requires no maintenance.

SBS Control Panel for Surface Snow Melting Specifications

  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted

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