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Temperature Maintenance: up to 0⁰C (Snow Melting)

Thermon RGS-Self-Regulating-Heating-Cable

The Thermon RGS Self-Regulating Trace Heaters, integral to the Thermon SnoTrace™ family, stand as a robust solution for snow and ice melting systems, focusing on roof and gutter applications. Tailored and approved for direct exposure to harsh environmental conditions, the RGS trace heaters showcase exceptional performance in combating the challenges posed by ice and snow.

A standout feature of the RGS system is its self-regulating capability, dynamically adjusting power output based on environmental conditions. When faced with ice and snow, the system increases power to efficiently clear the area. Once the task is completed, the power output decreases, effectively reducing energy consumption and promoting cost-effectiveness.

Ease of design and installation characterize the RGS system. A step-by-step design guide simplifies the process, guiding users through heating requirements determination, trace heater spacing selection, and the establishment of heating circuits. The system’s cut-to-length parallel circuitry eliminates the need for specific field dimensions, facilitating straightforward installation. RGS can be effortlessly pulled from the supply reel, cut to length, and terminated in the field using ordinary hand tools. The inclusion of easy-to-use roof and gutter accessory materials, along with Thermon circuit fabrication kits, ensures a seamless installation experience.

RGS trace heaters are both rugged and reliable, featuring a tinned copper braid for grounding and a thick, abrasion-resistant polyolefin outer jacket with a UV inhibitor. These components provide maximum protection during installation and enable years of exposure to the elements. Rigorous inspection along the entire length ensures performance reliability. Additionally, being backed by the first North American heat tracing manufacturer with ISO 9001 registration, RGS trace heaters are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the exacting needs of the commercial construction industry. The combination of versatility, ease of installation, and robust construction makes RGS an ideal choice for efficient and dependable snow and ice melting applications.

RGS Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. 1.3 mm2 (16 AWG) Nickel-Plated Copper Bus Wire
  2. E-Beam Cross-Linked Polyolefin Semiconductive Heating Matrix
  3. E-Beam Cross-Linked Polyolefin Primary Dielectric Insulation
  4. Tinned Copper Metallic Braid
  5. Abrasion Resistant Polyolefin Outer Jacket with UV Inhibitor

RGS Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Supply voltages 110-120 or 208-277 Vac
  • Minimum bend radius 32 mm (1.25″)
  • Nominal power output @ 0°C (32°F)
    In snow and ice 39 W/m (12 W/ft)
    In dry air 20 W/m (6 W/ft)
  • 30 mA Ground-Fault Protection Required

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