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Electronic Controller for Pipe Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance Systems


The Thermon Raystat-V5 Plug-in Sensor Module from RAYCHEM Industrial Heating is a purpose-built component designed to streamline control system upgrades without requiring the removal of insulation or sensor replacements. Specifically engineered for seamless integration with the RAYCHEM RAYSTAT V5 controller, this plug-in sensor module enhances temperature control capabilities in both pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance systems. The Raystat-V5 Plug-in Sensor Module offers an array of advanced functionalities, including versatile temperature sensing, energy-efficient algorithms, and alarm features. Its user-friendly design and flexible configurations make it a valuable component for optimizing temperature control and monitoring within pipe freeze protection and maintenance systems.

Raystat-V5 Plug-in Sensor Module Features

User-Friendly Setup and Programming:

  • Simplified setup and programming processes for user convenience and ease of operation.

Versatile Temperature Control:

  • Offers adaptable temperature control functionalities specifically tailored for pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance systems.

Multiple Sensing Options:

  • Supports both line sensing and/or ambient sensing modes for comprehensive temperature regulation.

Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC):

  • Incorporates an advanced algorithm (PASC) within the ambient sensing mode to optimize energy consumption, resulting in improved energy savings.

Alarm Relay with Changeover Contact:

  • Equipped with an alarm relay featuring changeover contacts to effectively signal issues related to power, temperature, or communication problems.

 Pipe Temperature Monitoring:

  • Facilitates continuous monitoring of pipe temperatures and triggers high and low temperature alarms as necessary.

Offsite Configurability:

  • Allows for offsite configuration, enabling setup procedures to be completed before final installation, offering added convenience.

Outdoor Wall Mountable Design:

  • Designed for wall-mounting, suitable for outdoor installations, ensuring adaptability to various environmental conditions.

Raystat-V5 Plug-in Sensor Module Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-022441
  • Item Name: SM-PT100-1
  • Sensor Type: PT100
  • Temperature Sensor Input Quantity: 1
  • Measuring Range: −100 to 200 °C

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