RayStat M2 Thermostat- Raychem Industrial Heating

Controller For Ice And Snow Preventıon


The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-M2 Thermostat is specifically designed to provide efficient control for ice and snow melting applications in small and medium-sized areas, focusing on minimizing power consumption and ensuring ease of installation and use.The RAYSTAT-M2 thermostat by RAYCHEM is engineered to economically control ice and snow melting in outdoor areas, focusing on ground surfaces or roof & gutters. It detects both temperature and moisture to efficiently keep these areas free of ice and snow, featuring electronic on/off control for up to 3,600W.The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-M2 Thermostat stands as an energy-efficient and reliable solution for controlling ice and snow melting in small and medium-sized areas. Its features, including temperature and moisture detection, adjustable sensitivity, forced heat activation, ‘over-run’ cycle, and warranty coverage, make it an essential component for maintaining safe and snow-free surfaces while minimizing power consumption.

RayStat M2 Thermostat Features

Installation and Operation:

  • Designed for ease of installation and operation, ensuring straightforward setup and use.

Energy Efficiency – Temperature and Moisture Detection:

  • Efficiently detects both temperature and moisture, optimizing control for ice and snow melting applications.
  • Adjustable moisture sensitivity for tailored control based on specific moisture conditions.

Forced Heat Activation:

  • Capable of activating forced heat, ensuring effective melting in varying conditions.

Electronic On/Off Control:

  • Provides electronic on/off control for up to 3,600W, offering precise control over power consumption.

‘Over-run’ Cycle:

  • Includes an ‘over-run’ cycle feature, allowing the maintenance of heat for a user-specified period, enhancing efficiency and control.

Reliability and Warranty:

  • Offers an extended 6-year product warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity during its operational life span.

RayStat M2 Thermostat Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-016962
  • Item Name: RAYSTAT-M2
  • Supply Voltage: 207 – 253 V
  • Output Relay: 16 A
  • Temperature Control Range: 0 – 10 °C
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 – 50 °C
  • Height: 82 mm
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Depth: 48.8 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg

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