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Controller For Ice And Snow Preventıon


The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-M2-R-SENSOR is a specialized moisture detection system crafted explicitly for mounting within gutters and drain pipes. It integrates seamlessly with the RAYSTAT-M2 system, working in conjunction with the RAYSTAT-M2 thermostat and potentially the RAYSTAT-M2-A-SENSOR. This configuration is specifically tailored for the comprehensive de-icing of roofs and gutters. The RAYSTAT-M2-R-SENSOR is a critical component within the RAYSTAT-M2 system, dedicated to effectively detecting moisture within gutters and drain pipes. Its integration enhances the system’s ability to regulate and manage snow and ice melting in roof and gutter systems, thereby optimizing their functionality in small to medium-sized areas.

RayStat M2-R Gutter Sensor for Moisture Features

Installation Convenience:

  • Engineered for effortless and swift installation within gutters and drain pipes, ensuring hassle-free setup.
  • Comes equipped with a 10-meter pre-installed supply cable, providing ample length for versatile positioning and connectivity.

RayStat M2-R Gutter Sensor for Moisture Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-016965
  • Item Name: RAYSTAT-M2-R-SENSOR
  • Measuring Range:   −50 to 70 °C
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Height: 105 mm
  • Width: 30 mm
  • Depth : 13 mm

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