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Controller For Ice And Snow Preventıon


The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-M2-A-SENSOR is an ambient temperature sensor meticulously designed to complement the RAYSTAT-M2 system. Primarily, it’s intended for usage alongside the RAYSTAT-M2 thermostat and the RAYSTAT-M2-R-SENSOR. This configuration specifically caters to roof and gutter de-icing applications, contributing to the efficient management of temperature variations in ambient settings. The RAYSTAT-M2-A-SENSOR plays a pivotal role within the RAYSTAT-M2 system, serving as an ambient temperature sensor. Its integration enhances the system’s ability to effectively monitor and manage the ambient temperature, facilitating the optimized de-icing of roofs and gutters in small to medium-sized areas.

RayStat M2-A Ambient Temperature Sensor Features

Installation Ease:

  • Engineered for quick and straightforward installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Long-Term Reliability:

  • Backed by a 6-year extended product warranty, indicating its reliability and durability over an extended period.

RayStat M2-A Ambient Temperature Sensor Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-016963
  • Item Name: RAYSTAT-M2-A-SENSOR
  • Measuring Range: −50 to 70 °C
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted

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