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The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT CONTROL-11-DIN is a sophisticated electronic line sensing temperature controller designed for managing self-regulating heating cables in pipe freeze protection or temperature maintenance applications. The RAYSTAT CONTROL-11-DIN is an electronic temperature controller specifically engineered for self-regulating heating cables. It operates through line sensing, providing precise control to ensure efficient pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance. Additionally, it includes an alarm relay for added functionality and safety. The RAYCHEM RAYSTAT CONTROL-11-DIN stands as a dependable and efficient electronic temperature controller tailored for self-regulating heating cables. Its energy-saving design, adjustable temperature range, direct cable switching capability, ease of installation, user-friendly interface, and warranty coverage make it an essential component for precise and efficient temperature control in pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications.

Raystat CONTROL-11-DIN Control Unit Features

Energy-Efficient Operation:

  • Incorporates line-sensing control for energy-efficient temperature management, minimizing power usage by the heating cables.
  • Equipped with an alarm relay for added safety measures and prompt notifications.

Adjustable Temperature Range:

  • Offers an adjustable temperature range from 0°C to +63°C, providing flexibility to suit various temperature control requirements.

Direct Switching of Heating Cables:

  • Capable of directly switching heating cables with a maximum current of 16 A and 250 VAC, ensuring efficient operation.

Installation Options:

  • Allows for simple and fast installation via DIN rail or panel mounting, offering versatility in setup options.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Features an easy-to-use interface with a digital display showcasing temperature readings and alarm information, ensuring straightforward monitoring and operation.

 Reliability and Warranty:

  • Offers an extended 6-year product warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity, while requiring minimal maintenance during its operational life span.

Raystat CONTROL-11-DIN Control Unit Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-006265
  • Item Name: RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11-DIN         
  • Voltage Rating: 230 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Current Rating: 16 A          
  • Adjustment Range, Frost Protection: 0 – 63 °C
  • Nominal Switching Current @ 230V, Not Potential Free: 16 A
  • Nominal Switching Current @ 250V, Potential Free: 16 A
  • Sensor Type: Remote Sensor
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Width in Number of Modular Spacings: 51.5
  • Channel Quantity: 1
  • Depth: 58mm

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