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Din Rail Mountable Thermostat For Hwat Heating Cables


The RAYCHEM HWAT-T55 Thermostat is a specialized controller designed to operate within RAYCHEM Hot Water Maintenance Systems, particularly suited for small pipe networks or branch lines. The HWAT-T55 thermostat from RAYCHEM is tailored for compatibility with RAYCHEM HWAT self-regulating single-pipe hot water systems, specifically in small pipe networks or branch lines. It’s designed to optimize energy efficiency while ensuring precise temperature control and system monitoring. The RAYCHEM HWAT-T55 Thermostat stands as an energy-efficient and reliable solution specifically designed for precise temperature control and system monitoring within RAYCHEM HWAT self-regulating single-pipe hot water systems. Its diverse operating modes, integrated clock, temperature alarms, and warranty coverage make it an essential component for maintaining optimal and safe hot water temperatures while optimizing energy usage.

RAYCHEM HWAT-T55 Thermostat Features

Installation and Operation:

  • Simplified installation and operation with a digital display showcasing temperature readings and alarm information.
  • Designed for 35 mm DIN-rail mounting, ensuring ease of setup.

Energy-Efficient Operation:

  • Offers three operating modes: ON/ECO/OFF.
  • With HWAT-L, the system can be switched ON/OFF during absence periods.
  • With HWAT-M/R, three preset temperatures (55/50/45°C) are available.
  • Integrated clock and energy-saving mode (ECO) for off-peak usage, enhancing energy efficiency.

System Monitoring – High and Low Temperature Alarms:

  • Monitors the system through high-temperature alarms; if temperatures exceed 66°C, the system switches off to prevent scalding and calcification.
  • Monitors for low temperatures, preventing unnecessary energy consumption when hot water storage problems occur.

Reliability and Warranty:

  • Offers an extended 6-year product warranty, ensuring reliability and maintenance-free operation throughout its lifespan.

RAYCHEM HWAT-T55 Thermostat Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-015722
  • Item Name: HWAT-T55
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Voltage Rating: 195 – 253 V
  • Voltage Rating Type: AC
  • Adjustment Range: 40 – 60 °C
  • Nominal Switching Current @ 250V, Potential Free: 16 A
  • Power Consumption, Standby: 5 W
  • Height: 87.5 mm     
  • Width: 52.5 mm
  • Depth: 87.5 mm

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