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Touch Screen Programable MCD5 Heating Controller with WiFi


ELEKTRA MWD5 electric heating controller is a new version of the famous MCD5 touchscreen temperature controller that has WiFi capabilities in addition to all of its previous features. Users may use an app to operate electric underfloor heating systems on any size, providing them quick access to full control.

The ELEKTRA MCD5 touchscreen floor heating controller for electric underfloor heating has been modified to a WiFi-enabled version that can be managed via an app due to popular demand. This cloud-based solution combines the MCD5 with an upgraded version of the app. This implies increased functionality with total dependability: the entire solution is built on time-tested technology.


  • Adds WiFi-based control to the acclaimed MCD5 Touch Controller
  • Remote access and control via user-friendly app
  • Assists energy savings
  • Universal compatibility with all the most popular electric underfloor heating systems
  • Simple set-up with installation wizard
  • Very easy installation
  • For individual control or heating zone control
  • Multiple users allowed
  • No gateways required
  • Supports WPS
  • All the benefits of the acclaimed MCD5 Touch Controller

ELEKTRA MWD5 Specifications

  • Power supply:100-240VAC
  • Max. load:16A
  • Installation:flush
  • Built-in switch:2-pole, 16A
  • Comfort temperature range:+5°C; +40°C for each event
  • Economical temperature range:+5°C; +40°C for each event
  • Hysteresis:PI*
  • Ingress protection:IP 21
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):82 x 82 x 40 mm
  • Display:176 x 220 pixels, TFT
  • Wireless control:WiFi (cloud)
  • Certificates:VDE, BEAB
  • Product marking:CE

MWD5 Individual control or heating zones? You decide.

With the MWD5, users have the option of having each controller controlled individually – or combining them into one or more jointly controlled heating zones.

The system can be easily expanded and reconfigured to meet changing needs. And this easy scalability also makes it ideal for all types of private projects – regardless of whether the customer only wants comfort heating in the bathroom or underfloor heating throughout the house.

MWD5 Simple controls – and all the details

The dedicated app allows users to easily organize their controllers to meet their exact temperature control needs. In addition, detailed information on energy consumption etc. allows the user to control the heating to maximize their energy savings.

Allows access for one or more users

With the OWD5 it is possible to give more than one user access to control the system. The number of users is determined when the system is first commissioned, but can easily be changed at a later date if user needs change. This means that access to the heating control can be adapted to the current user needs at any time.

MWD5 Has High accessibility of the system – even if internet access is interrupted

Thanks to the robust system structure, the user retains full control over the heating even if their internet access is interrupted: the app is intended for complete everyday use. For example, you can set temperatures, program heating schedules and activate special heating modes such as “Comfort” or “Frost Protection”. Using the built-in display, which you already know from the 2″ color touchscreen, users always have access to all programming options and functions.

ELEKTRA MWD5 Simple, fully guided commissioning

Each controller has built-in WiFi, so you don’t need additional components like gateways. To get the thermostat up and running, all you need to do is connect it to a compatible standard Wi-Fi router with Internet access. The integrated assistant guides you quickly and easily through each individual step, ensuring smooth commissioning. And we also pay attention to the little details, such as supporting WPS for easy router access – no passwords required.

The connection to the app takes seconds with MWD5

The user-friendly app, available for Android and IOS, provides detailed support for installing and connecting the new WiFi-based controller. No need to consult printed manuals: users are guided through the few, simple steps required to connect the controller to the app – and can then enjoy full control of their heating system, easy access to energy consumption statistics and more.

Fast, hassle-free installation with MWD5 WiFi

OWD5 is compact and clear and very easy to use. Combined with the easy setup, this gives you a quick and hassle-free installation.

Full compatibility with common sensors and frame systems

The MWD5 has the same extensive setting options and functions as the renowned MCD5 Touch Thermostat. This makes it the most comprehensive and versatile WiFi electric underfloor heating control thermostat you can get. The MWD5 is compatible with all common temperature sensors and frame systems on the market and is therefore suitable for upgrading existing heating solutions as well as for new buildings.

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