MI HDC-HDF CuNi Industrial Heating Cable - Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 400°


RAYCHEM HDC/HDF mineral insulated (MI) series resistance heat tracing cables, crafted with Cupro-Nickel composition. MI-HDC-HDF CuNi Industrial Heating Cables are meticulously designed to ensure freeze protection and process temperature maintenance in industrial environments. Withstanding continuous exposure temperatures of up to 400°C and delivering typical power outputs of 70 W/m, these cables offer robust resistance to corrosion, particularly in harsh seawater conditions. Approved for hazardous area usage, they are available as ‘fast track’ configured heating units and low resistances, ideal for extended pipeline heating applications.

Tailored for hazardous area usage, the HDC/HDF Cupro-Nickel series heating cables find extensive applications across diverse industries such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, gas storage, and various industrial sectors. The Cupro-Nickel heating cables equipped with copper conductors (HDC) come in very low resistances, enabling extended line applications with minimal supply points. These cables cater to scenarios exceeding the capacities of Polymer Insulated (PI) series heating cables. Suitable for exposure temperatures up to 400°C and offering a typical power output of 70 W/m, they are available in bulk or factory-terminated units, ensuring top-quality connections. The product range includes a comprehensive selection of components for seamless installation, connection, and splicing of the heating cables.

Raychem MI HDC-HDF CuNi Industrial Heating Cable Features

Reduced Total Installed Cost

Lower Power Supply Costs

Commence with lower startup currents compared to other technologies.

Simplified Controls

Series resistance-based current monitoring provides instant visibility into critical circuits.

Fast Track/Expedited Service

Offers expedited service for eligible designed heating units.

Standard 400°C Continuous Withstand Temperature

Utilizes brazed weld technology for standard high-temperature endurance.

High Corrosion Resistance, Especially in Seawater Environments

Ensures durability in challenging marine conditions.

Raychem MI HDC-HDF CuNi Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Min Cable Spacing: 25 mm
  • Max Power Output: 70 W/m
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 400 °C
  • Min Installation Temperature: -60 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 0 – 500 V
  • Sheath Material: Cupro-Nickel
  • Area Classification: Non-Hazardous; Hazardous
  • Insulation Material: Magnesium Oxide

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