KSX Self-Regulating Industrial Heating Cable - Thermon

Temperature Maintenance: up to 121⁰C

Thermon KSX-Self-Regulating-Heat-Cable

The Thermon KSX Self-Regulating Industrial Heating Cable is a cutting-edge solution engineered for demanding applications requiring high heat loss freeze protection or process temperature maintenance, particularly in environments where steam cleaning is not necessary. Crafted for superior performance, this self-regulating trace heater is adept at adapting its heat output to the surrounding temperature, dynamically adjusting to varying conditions.

Tailored for high-heat-loss scenarios, the KSX cable is designed to provide efficient freeze protection and process temperature maintenance without the need for steam cleaning. Its self-regulating feature allows it to modulate thermal output, scaling back as temperatures rise, ensuring optimal energy utilization and preventing overheating.

Noteworthy is its certification for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas and potentially explosive atmospheres, compliant with both the ATEX Directive and the IECEx Scheme. This certification underlines its commitment to safety and reliability, making the KSX cable a trusted choice for industries where stringent standards must be met. In summary, the KSX Self-Regulating Industrial Heating Cable stands out as a high-performance, adaptable, and safety-certified solution for critical applications in diverse industrial settings.

KSX Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. Nickel-plated copper bus wires (1.3 mm2)
  2. Semiconductive heating matrix and fluoropolymer dielectric insulation
  3. Tinned copper braid
  4. Fluoropolymer over jacket provides additional protection to core, insulation, and braid where exposure to chemicals or corrosives is expected.

KSX Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  • Available watt densities: 15, 32, 48, 64 W/m @ 10°C
  • Nominal supply voltages: 230 Vac
  • Max. maintenance or exposure temperature:
    Continuous power-on 121°C
  • Minimum installation temperature: 60°C
  • Minimum bending radius:
    @ -15°C 10 mm
    @ -60°C 32 mm
  • T-rating: based on stabilized design T3 to T6

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