FreezeTec 12 Pipes & Gutters Electric Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

Electric Heating Cable with Integrated Thermostat


Even in the dead of winter, the ELEKTRA FreezeTec electric heating cable protects pipelines and valves. Your concerns about damage to water main pipes or valves, whether inside or outside, are eliminated with ELEKTRA FreezeTec heating cable. The system is quick and simple to deploy, and it does not require any additional control.


ELEKTRA FreezeTec Specifications

  • Thermostat turn-on temperature: +3°C;
  • Turn-off temperature: +10°C;
  • Power output: 12 W/m;
  • Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz.

ELEKTRA FreezeTec Applications

ELEKTRA FreezeTec heating cable is designed to protect pipelines and valves from damage caused by low temperatures. Only when the following criteria are satisfied may the system be used:

  • The external diameter of the insulated pipe should not exceed DN 50 mm
  • The thickness of the pipe insulation should be between min. 10 mm and max. 20 mm
  • The temperature of the protected pipe should not exceed +70°C; – the minimum ambient temperature should be 25°C.

ELEKTRA FreezeTec Advantages

ELEKTRA FreezeTec electric heating cable is a heating cable with an integrated thermostat that functions automatically, eliminating the need for a separate control system that is often utilized with traditional heating cables. The system is easy to assemble and does not require any special tools.

Installation of Electric Heating Cable On Pipes

Type Length of heating cable (m) Heating power (W)
FreezeTec 12/2 2 24
FreezeTec 12/3 3 36
FreezeTec 12/5 5 60
FreezeTec 12/7 7 84
FreezeTec 12/10 10 120
FreezeTec 12/15 15 180
FreezeTec 12/21 21 252
FreezeTec 12/30 30 360
FreezeTec 12/42 42 504

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