FMT Parallel Constant Wattage Industrial Heating Cable - Raychem

Maintains Temperatures up to 150°C


RAYCHEM FMT constant wattage parallel heat tracing cables are designed to provide freeze protection and process temperature maintenance up to 150°C, withstanding intermittent exposure to 200°C and routine steam purges. FMT Industrial Heating Cables operate at 230V with an FEP outer jacket and are specifically approved for use in hazardous areas.

Primarily tailored for pipe and equipment heat-tracing in industrial settings, the FMT and FHT constant wattage parallel circuit heating cables offer a cost-effective alternative to self-regulating heating cables. While installation requires more skill and advanced control systems, the round geometry of these cables enhances flexibility during installation, allowing bending in multiple directions. The heating element, the most delicate part of the cable, is safeguarded by PTFE insulation tape, mitigating shear stresses during flexing and acting as a shock absorber for enhanced protection.

Ideal for frost protection and process temperature maintenance requiring high power output, these cables feature zone parallel heaters constructed from a heating element wrapped around two parallel conductors. Their parallel construction allows for on-site customization by cutting to the required length and termination.

Raychem FMT Industrial Heating Cable Features

  • Fast Installation: Round geometry, cut-to-length feature, meter markings, and user-friendly connection kits facilitate quick and easy installation.
  • Safe and Energy-Efficient Operation: Incorporates energy-saving technology for safe and efficient operation.
  • Extended Circuit Lengths: Available in 230V and 400V versions, capable of supporting extended circuit lengths.
  • Reliable Long Life: Offers a 10-year extended product warranty, ensuring maintenance-free reliability over an extended period.

Raychem FMT Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Nominal Cold Lead/Heating Zone Length: 1.5 m
  • Outer Diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Min Bending Radius: 25 mm
  • Min Clearance: 50 mm
  • Max Continuous Exposure Temperature, Power Off: 200 °C
  • Min Installation Temperature: -40 °C
  • Outer Jacket Material: FEP
  • Area Classification: Hazardous

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