FC2 Snow & Ice Protection Heating Controller - ELEKTRA

Electric Thermostat for Ice and Snow Melting in Gutters and Drainpipes


Elektra FC 2 electric heating controllers are intended to regulate electronic heating and anti-frost protection systems, such as: – protecting gutters and drainpipes from freezing, avoiding snow accumulation on roofs, and so on. Guarding against snow and ice accumulation on downhill roads, ramps, and walkways.

ELEKTRA FC2 Thermostat Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Built-in transformer: 24VAC, 8VA
  • Maximum load (L1 – potential contact) 15A, 230V
  • Installation on DIN bus
  • Temperature adjustment range: from -4°C to +5°C
  • Adjustable hysteresis: from 0,5 to 3°C
  • Weight: 495g
  • Dimensions: Height 90, Width 105; Depth 66 mm
  • Calibration: potentiometers for temperature sensors, hysteresis and humidity sensor

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