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Surface and Ambient Sensing Electronic Thermostat


The RAYCHEM ETS-05 Surface and Ambient Sensing Electronic Thermostat is a versatile and precise temperature control device specifically designed for heating cables. The RAYCHEM ETS-05 series includes hazardous area electronic thermostats catering to various temperature ranges and sensing requirements. It’s available as both an ambient and line sensing thermostat, offering flexibility for different applications. The thermostat ensures accurate temperature control for heating cables, maintaining optimal conditions for diverse industrial settings.

In summary, the ETS-05 thermostat from RAYCHEM is a sophisticated yet user-friendly device that offers precise temperature control for heating cables across various industrial applications. Its versatility, accurate temperature settings, sensor capabilities, and optional alarm relay make it a reliable choice for maintaining optimal conditions while providing ease of installation and operation.

ETS-05 Industrial Electric Thermostat Features

Temperature Range and Versions:

Available in multiple versions

  • ETS-05-L2-E: Handles temperatures up to 199°C
  • ETS-05-H2-E: Suitable for temperatures up to 499°C
  • ETS-05-A2-E: Ambient sensing thermostat, setpoint from 0°C to +49°C

Nominal Load Capacity:

  • Capable of managing a maximum nominal load of 32 A, ensuring compatibility with various heating systems.

Digital Rotary Switches:

  • Accurate temperature settings facilitated by digital rotary switches integrated within the enclosure, ensuring precise control.

Sensor and Cable:

  • Equipped with a PT100 sensor accompanied by a 2m cable, ensuring efficient sensing capabilities.

LED Indicator:

  • Features an LED indicator that displays:
  • Thermostat status (powered on/off)
  • Heat-tracing cable status (powered on/off)
  • Sensor status
  • Ability to transition to an on or off state in the event of sensor failure, based on user-defined preferences.

Alarm Relay for Remote Monitoring:

  • Optional alarm relay available for remote monitoring purposes, enhancing operational oversight and allowing timely interventions if needed.

Ease of Installation and Operation:

  • Designed for simplicity in both installation and operation, ensuring user-friendly functionality.

Earth Plate (Optional):

  • Option for an earth plate, providing additional grounding as required in certain setups.

ETS-05 Industrial Electric Thermostat Specifications

  • Thermostat Type: Electronic Thermostat
  • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • IP Rating: IP66

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