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Electronic Controller for Pipe Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance Systems


The RAYCHEM Elexant 450c Plug-In Sensor Module is a specialized component designed to facilitate seamless upgrades in control systems without necessitating the removal of insulation or sensor replacement, specifically intended for use with the RAYCHEM RAYSTAT V5 controller. This plug-in module enables enhanced temperature control in pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance systems, offering versatile sensing options while integrating advanced algorithms for improved energy efficiency. The RAYCHEM Elexant 450c Plug-In Sensor Module offers a range of advanced functionalities, including versatile temperature sensing, energy-efficient algorithms, and alarm features. Its user-friendly design and flexible configurations make it an efficient and adaptable component for temperature control and monitoring within pipe freeze protection and maintenance systems.

Elexant 450c Plug-In Sensor Module Features

Ease of Setup and Programming:

  • Streamlined setup and programming procedures for user convenience and ease of operation.

Flexible Temperature Control:

  • Offers adaptable temperature control for pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance systems.

Multiple Sensing Options:

  • Supports line sensing and/or ambient sensing modes for temperature regulation.

Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC):

  • Utilizes an advanced algorithm (PASC) in ambient sensing mode to optimize energy consumption, fostering enhanced energy savings.

Alarm Relay with Changeover Contact:

  • Equipped with an alarm relay featuring changeover contacts, signaling power, temperature, or communication issues.

Pipe Temperature Monitoring:

  • Facilitates monitoring of pipe temperatures and triggers high and low temperature alarms as necessary.

Offsite Configurability:

  • Allows for offsite configuration, enabling setup procedures prior to final installation for added convenience.

Wall Mountable Design:

  • Designed for on-wall mounting, suitable for outdoor locations, ensuring adaptability to various installation environments.

Elexant 450c Plug-In Sensor Module Specifications

  • Catalog Number: 1244-022442
  • Item Name: 1244-022442
  • Sensor Type: PT100
  • Temperature Sensor Input Quantity: 2
  • Measuring Range: −100 to 200 °C

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