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Temperature Maintenance: up to 65⁰C

Thermon DSX-Self-Regulating-Heating-Cable

The Thermon DSX Self-Regulating Industrial Heat Tracing Cable stands as a robust and optimized solution meticulously crafted for the freeze protection of small and medium diameter industrial piping systems. This versatile trace heater employs self-regulating technology, ensuring prevention of overheating, even in scenarios where cables are overlapped. DSX is approved for use in both ordinary and hazardous locations, highlighting its versatility and reliability across diverse industrial settings.

Designed for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of small to medium diameter piping and other industrial process equipment, DSX caters to a wide range of applications where maintaining optimal temperatures is critical.

Installation of DSX is a seamless process facilitated by parallel circuitry, allowing the cable to be cut to the desired length on-site. The flexibility of materials and a small cross-section provide an outstanding bending radius, enabling the cable to wrap around complex geometries with ease. This flexibility not only enhances the practicality of the installation process but also ensures adaptability to various pipe configurations.

Energy efficiency is a key feature of DSX, with its self-regulating technology ensuring optimal heating for colder or warmer spots along the length of the traced equipment or surface. As the ambient temperature drops, the heat output increases to counteract potential freezing conditions. Conversely, when the temperature rises, the heat output decreases, contributing to energy conservation.

Safety is a paramount consideration with DSX, as it self-regulates to prevent overheating, even when cables are overlapped. The trace heaters are marked for use in ordinary (non-classified) areas and in potentially explosive atmospheres, in compliance with the ATEX Directive and the IECEx Scheme. This ensures the cable’s reliability and safety in high-risk environments.

Reliability is a hallmark of DSX, incorporating proven and proprietary compounding, extrusion, and cross-linking technology. This construction ensures continuous operation and an extended life expectancy, making DSX a dependable and durable solution for long-term freeze protection needs.

DSX offers versatile options, with 9 and 18 W/m nominal power outputs and the ability to be energized from 208 to 277 Vac. Product construction options include polyolefin or fluoropolymer over jacket, and braid or foil and drain wire electrically conductive covering, allowing users to tailor their solution to specific requirements.

In summary, DSX Self-Regulating Industrial Heat Tracing Cable is a comprehensive and optimized solution for freeze protection, offering a blend of safety, ease of installation, energy efficiency, and reliability. Choose DSX for a safe, easy-to-install, and energy-efficient freeze protection solution in an optimized form factor.

DSX Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. E-Beam cross-linked semiconductive heating matrix
  2. E-Beam cross-linked dielectric insulation4. Tinned copper braid
  3. Polyolefin over jacket provides additional protection to core, insulation, and braid where exposure to aqueous inorganic chemicals is expected.
  4. Optional FOJ Fluoropolymer over jacket over tinned copper braid provides additional protection to cable and braid where exposure to organic chemicals or corrosives is expected.
  5. Optional Foil and Drain wire configuration available with standard OJ as an economical alternative to braid.

DSX Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Available Watt densities: 9,18 W/m at 10°C (50°F)
  • Nominal supply voltage: 230 Vac
  • Maximum maintenance temperature: 65°C (149°F)
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature: Power-off 85°C (185°F)
  • Minimum installation temperature: -60°C (-76°F)
  • Minimum bend radius:
    @ -15°C (59°F   10 mm (3/8”)
    @ -60°C (-76°F  32 mm (1-1/4”)

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